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The Hale Difference: Cold Water Processing

What's in your water?
What’s in your water?

How often do you think about what comes out of your tap? How about what comes out of the tap at your skin care product manufacturer’s tap? Now’s the time. August is National Water Quality Month, the perfect opportunity to explore how important water quality is to the effectiveness of your skin care products.

Why Water Matters

If you read the ingredients of your skin care products, chances are, you’ll find water somewhere in the list of ingredients—usually at the top, which means that it’s one of the main ingredients. As such an integral component to skin care formulas, water should be of the highest quality to ensure that your products—moisturizers, anti-wrinkle serums, peels, etc.—do what they are formulated to do without introducing any toxins or counteracting chemicals.

What We Mean by Water Quality

When it comes to water quality for skin care products, the standards are a lot higher than water quality for everyday consumption. For water to be usable for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc., municipalities treat it to remove any microbial pathogens. Your body also has a lot of detoxifying mechanisms (i.e. your liver and kidneys) to filter out impurities, even on the molecular level.

However, what goes on your skin does not go through the same detoxifying mechanisms, so the stuff that’s still in the water gets to your skin. That means it’s even more important that water be purified after it reaches the tap, before it gets into your skin care formula.

But chemical composition is only one aspect of water quality that must be considered when manufacturing skin care products. Many skin care technologies—particularly antioxidants—are sensitive to other environmental conditions, like temperature. To prevent ingredients from degradation during the manufacturing process, water cannot exceed certain temperatures.

Cold Water Processing

Creating skin care products poses a challenge to maintaining water quality because formulas often require the mixture of elements that don’t “play well” with others—like oil and water. Usually oil and water components are heated to facilitate integration, but too much heat can degrade other ingredients.

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we are not willing to compromise on water quality or product effectiveness, so our in-house research & development department has developed a unique solution: cold water processing. Our cold water processing method is a protected trade secret, so we can’t go into detail. But, our process allows us to use purified water at low temperatures to protect the active properties of other ingredients while still facilitating thorough integration.

The end results speak for themselves! Our line of antioxidant and peptide creams, lotions and serums are some of the most powerful skin care products on the market. Try them for yourself! Contact us for product recommendations for your skin type and skin care goals!

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