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The Top 2 Reasons You Need Antioxidant Skin Care

While scientists are working on genetic modification to eliminate aging, the rest of us must still face the reality that aging happens. But you do not have to resign yourself to sagging, wrinkled skin, and in fact, you shouldn’t. Here’s why:

Antioxidant Skin Care Can Reduce Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a term used to describe the stress your cells and intercellular matrix are under by

free radicals—free-roaming electrons released by UV radiation and other environmental toxins. Free radicals (also known as Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS) damage tissues and other skin components and may even foster the development of abnormal cells that can result in cancer.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals so that they can no longer harm your skin’s health or appearance.

Antioxidant Skin Care Can Protect Collagen

One of the components most vulnerable to free radicals is collagen—a protein responsible for the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

Pa netralizant radikal gratis, antioxidant skin care products protect collagen in your dermal matrix and may even boost collagen production to enhance your skin texture and diminish the visibility of lines and wrinkles.

But antioxidant skin care can help you keep the effects of aging at bay, ak Hale kosmesetik has the products you need!

We Have the Antioxidant Formulas You Need

Hale kosmesetik has an entire line of antioxidant products that harnesses the power of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other naturally-derived free radical-neutralizing compounds. Our antioxidant skin care formulas include:

To find the right products for your skin care goals, pran nou swen pou po pèsonèl evalyasyon ak kontakte nou to speak to a knowledgeable skin care professional.