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How Alternatives to Animal Testing Make Cruelty-Free Products Possible

Animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats have been used in medical and pharmaceutical testing for decades to predict toxicity and effectiveness of everything from medical devices and drugs to cosmetics. 연구자와 기업의 증가는 지금도 제품은 보장 인도적인 대안으로 동물 실험에서 멀리 이동 인간의 사용을위한 안전. The development of these alternatives is rapidly growing as innovations in science make animal testing completely unnecessary.set of rodents

Innovative Alternatives to Animal Testing

Researchers have developed several innovative strategies to avoid the use of animals in the testing of drugs, cosmetics, and consumer products. Here are some of the most important strategies used to make cruelty-free products possible.

3D Skin Equivalents
Rather than testing for skin irritation and corrosivity on animals, scientists can now measure these factors using 3D human skin equivalents like EpiDerm and SkinEthic combined with computer models. This strategy can measure likely chemical activity, properties, and effects with an accuracy of 95%.

Cell Cultures
Nearly every type of animal and human cell can be grown in a lab. 사실, researchers are even capable of growing cells into 3D structures like mini organs. Cell cultures are often used in chemical testing, drug development, and vaccine production.

Computer Models
Sophisticated computer models are capable of modeling or replicating everything from the skin and eyes to the digestive system and heart. 이러한 모델은 기존 데이터와 수식에 기초하여 약물 및 제품의 가상 실험을 위해 사용될 수있다.

소 각막 혼탁 및 투과성 테스트
드레 이즈 아이 테스트부터 사용되어왔다 1944 눈에 자극을 테스트하는, 종종 화장품. 토끼는 일반적으로 사용되며, 동물의 출혈 고통 수도, 궤양, 실명. 자비 롭 널리 받아 들여진 대안은 소 각막 혼탁 및 투과성 시험이다. 이 검사는 각막 조직을 사용합니다, 도축장 부산물, instead of live animals to test for damage to cornea tissue.

These alternatives aren’t just humane; they’re often cheaper, 빠른, and more effective. 에 헤일 코스 메슈티컬, we test the safety of our products using these methods and other alternatives to bring you safe and cruelty-free products that have never been tested on animals.