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The Latest in Skincare—Hydrogen…and Hale Cosmeceuticals Has It!

硬朗的药妆品, 我们有我们的是停留在前沿进展护肤的顶部自己的研发团队,,en,但无论是护肤品最新的自由基战斗机群组。,,en,已经网罗皮肤健康促进在我们的新产品H2快速扩散护理霜氢的特性,,en,奶油具有光云的感觉,立即使你的皮肤感觉补充...和细纹和皱纹的减少将在几周内显着,,en,为了找到合适的组合,你的皮肤类型和皮肤的健康目标,,en. And we’re leading the curve with the newest innovation in anti-aging—hydrogen.

About Hydrogen

Here’s what you may already know about hydrogen:
• It’s the first element on the periodic chart
• It’s the smallest atom—1 proton, 1 electron
• It makes up about 75% of the Earth’s mass…but only as part of compounds, not in its monoatomic form

Hydrogen is nothing new in chemistry, but it is the latest free radical fighter in skincare. 

What Hydrogen Does for Your Skin

Here’s what you may not know about hydrogen:
• As the smallest element, it can easily penetrate to the deepest layers of skin
• It easily bonds to a number of compounds, effectively neutralizing free radicals that damage skin
• It reduces inflammation and can minimize UV-induced skin damage

Our H2 Rapid Diffusion Therapy Cream

硬朗的药妆品 has harnessed the skin health boosting properties of hydrogen in our new product H2 Rapid Diffusion Therapy Cream. Our formula releases hydrogen that penetrates to the subdermal level of skin, fighting oxidative damage and repairing skin to reverse the signs of aging.
H2 Rapid Diffusion Therapy Cream is also formulated with:

• Turmeric with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant curcomoids
• Hyaluronic acid for hydration

The cream has a light cloud feeling and immediately makes your skin feel replenished…and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles will be noticeable in a matter of weeks.

H2 Rapid Diffusion Therapy Cream can be used alone or it can be used with a number of other Hale Cosmeceuticals formulas for enhanced results. We recommend pairing H2 Rapid Diffusion Therapy Cream with:

• Vitamin C serums (C-Fine Super Serum or 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid)
• Patent-5 Peptide Booster Deep Wrinkle Serum
• Royal Silhouette Serum

To find the right combination for your skin type and skin health goals, 联系我们.