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Your Personalized AM/PM Skin Care Routine

Hale Cosmeceuticals has so many quality products, it’s hard to know which ones will deliver the best results for you. And while you can always contact us for samples and try each one for yourself, that can delay when you will start seeing the best results. So, we’ve come up with a quick guide to help you personalize your morning and evening skin care routine with the Hale Cosmeceuticals products formulated for your skin type and skincare goals.

Morning and Evening Must-Haves

Everyone’s skincare routine should include twice daily cleansing and moisturizing. And, your skin type is, possibly, the single most important factor when selecting a cleanser. So, for…

Dry, sensitive Use Dermist Cleanser Because…it is formulated to gently remove excess dirt and oil without stripping natural moisture
Combination Use Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser Because…it provides manual exfoliation to gently remove oil and buildup of dead skin cells to keep skin clear
Oily Use Dermist GSL-624 Clarifying Cleanser Because…it uses gentle alpha hydroxy acids to stimulate skin cell turnover and decrease oil

Skin type is a factor for moisturizer selection, too, but your skin health/appearance goals may actually be more important. So for…

Dry, sensitive Use H2 Rapid Fusion Therapy Cream Because…the small hydrogen molecules penetrate deeply to deliver hydration
Acne Treatment Use Re-Fine Milk Lotion Because…Vitamin A boosts skin cell turnover to reduce clogged pores
Anti-Aging Use O.R.A.C Lifting Complex Because…this potent dose of antioxidant facilitates skin repair and neutralizes free radicals to slow down the photo-aging process
Use C-Fine Milk Lotion Because…our cold-processed, 100% pure Vitamin C repairs skin damage and prevents free-radical induced damage

Goal-Specific Treatments

When it comes to serums and spot treatments, your skincare goals dictate the products you need. However, because there are a number of ways to go about your skincare goals, you may also need to consider the daily stresses your skin experiences and your skin type to find the best product match. Here are our recommendations:

Skincare Goal Product Best For
Wrinkle reduction    
Dermist M3HA Dry skin that exacerbates the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Firming, toning Royal Silhouette Serum Skin that is losing tone because of collagen deterioration
Skin repair C-Fine Super Serum Skin that experiences daily and/or significant cumulative UV exposure
20% Vitamin C with Ferulic Acid Serum Skin that endures a lot of UV exposure and has areas of uneven skin tone
Hyperpigmentation correction SB-7 Skin Brightener Skin with noticeable areas of hyperpigmentation

You can get the best results from your Hale Cosmeceuticals products when you choose formulas designed to work for your skin type and toward your skincare goals. You may get more specific recommendations by taking our personal skin assessment. When you’re ready to invest in better skin health and appearance, contact us to order.

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