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How Hale Cosmeceuticals Can Help You Build a Better Image

September Skin Care
Take care of your skin every month!

The third full week of September is Build a Better Image Week, and when it comes to building a better personal image, there are lots of possibilities:

√ Updating your wardrobe

√ Updating your resume

√ Updating your online profiles

Hale Cosmeceuticals can really help you with those. However, we can help you build a better image by helping you put your best face forward…naturally.

Step 1: Daily Skin Care Essentials

Building a better image that includes clear, radiant, youthful-looking skin takes some discipline. Every day, you have to obey the three cardinal rules of skin care:

  • Cleanse
  • Moisturize
  • Protect

While we can’t be there to enforce compliance with this skin care regimen, we do provide products formulated for specific skin types and conditions to gently and effectively care for your skin:


Recommended for:

Cleansers Dermist Cleanser Dry, sensitive skin
Dermist Exfoliating Cleanser Acne-prone skin
Super Silk-Silt Masque Dry, sensitive skin
Dermist GSL-624 Clarifier Any (occasional use)
Moisturizers Soft Finishing Moisturizer Dry, sensitive, aging skin
Dermist M3HA Pure Hyaluronic Acid Dry, aging skin; post-peel treatment
O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex All skin types, aging skin
Sun Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 35 All skin types

Step 2: Targeting Your Skin Care Goals

What a “better image” means is unique to you, so when it comes to building a better image by improving your skin’s health and appearance, you’re sure to have unique skin care goals. Hale Cosmeceuticals has quality skin care products designed (and tested by our own Research & Development team) to target specific skin conditions or issues.

We have a number of products that aim to accomplish similar skin care goals using different skin care technologies. Take our anti-aging products, for instance:

We also have products with pure Vitamin C (and other antioxidants!) to combat reactive oxidative stress (ROS), which deteriorates components of the extracellular matrix and/or inhibits proper metabolic processes needed for natural skin rejuvenation. Fighting the effects of UV exposure and repairing sun damaged tissues significantly slows and may prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to our time-tested anti-aging products, exfoliating peels and eye treatments, check out our new products:

If you need help finding the product that’s right for your skin type and your unique skin care goals, contact us to speak to one of our skin care experts!

Building a Better Image on a Budget

What good is building a better image if you can’t afford to maintain it, right? At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we don’t think healthy, beautiful skin should be a fleeting fantasy for those on a budget.

We continually works to provide affordable quality skin care products. Because we do our own research and development and sell directly to you, we cut out a lot of the middleman markups. We also provide opportunities for you to try new products or get your old favorites at significant savings during our monthly online promotions. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to find out this month’s specials!

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