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Hale Cosmeceuticals: Quality Skincare Products You Can Trust!

Along with a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding bad habits like smoking, the quality of skincare products you use also has an impact on health and beauty. Over the last 20 years, Hale Cosmeceuticals has developed a wide range of products that cleanse, rejuvenate, and moisturize the skin. Continue reading Hale Cosmeceuticals: Quality Skincare Products You Can Trust!

How Exercise Benefits Your Skin

It’s no secret that exercise benefits you in numerous ways. Daily physical activity allows you to maintain a healthy weight, which also keeps your heart healthy. Exercise is mentally beneficial, as it causes the release of endorphins, which are your body’s feel-good chemicals. You can also add healthy skin to the long list of benefits that exercise affords you. Continue reading How Exercise Benefits Your Skin

Your Guide To Perfect Skin in 2020

93% of people set New Years resolutions. Of those 93%, at least half (though likely more) resolve to approve their appearance in some way. The majority of appearance-related resolutions have to do with weight, but almost none have to do with skincare. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we have witnessed firsthand the amazing transformation that a strategic and dedicated skincare regime can achieve. If you’ve yet to come up with a resolution to which you want to commit, commit to improving your skin’s appearance. Continue reading Your Guide To Perfect Skin in 2020

Is Facewash the Most Important Step in Your Skincare Routine?

It is not uncommon for fancy serums, masks, exfoliators and moisturizers to take all the credit for healthy, glowing skin, but it’s really the underdog that deserves all the credit. That’s right — without your facewash, you wouldn’t be able to achieve the clean and open foundation upon which all the other skincare products rely.

According to the co-founder of one innovative new facial cleanser, facewash is more important than most people realize. Though everyone washes their faces at least once a day (The ideal frequency is twice a day.), most people don’t realize the importance of this one basic step. Cleansing the face, according to the specialist, opens up the pores to the point where they’re the most vulnerable. Though this seems like a recipe for disaster, it’s actually the very step that allows the other products — including your moisturizers, serums and masks — to penetrate the skin. In short, washing your face not only cleanses and detoxifies your skin but also, it sets it up to receive all the vital antioxidants, nutrients, enzymes and oils that are in the rest of your products.

So, what should you do with the rest of your products? Don’t ditch them! They can be super effective, so long as they have a pristine canvas on which to work.

In conclusion, cleanser is a truly non-negotiable step in the skincare maintenance process. To simplify your skincare routine and really make the most of it, however, you need a quality cleanser that is jampacked with vitamins, antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients and fragrance-free plant extracts and oils. Where can. You find such a product? You guessed it!

Hale Cosmeceuticals offers some of the most advanced and effective facial cleanses on the market. If you want to achieve your skincare goals in an all-natural way, check out our innovative cleansers today.

DIY Ingredients That Can Harm Your Skin Over Time

Once upon a time, Abraham Lincoln expressed these infinite words of wisdom: “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Or did he? … Though we don’t know who really uttered this sentiment, what we do know is that these are wise words to live by, especially when it comes to skincare. Continue reading DIY Ingredients That Can Harm Your Skin Over Time

What Happens to Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup On (Hint: It’s Not Pretty)

We get it — you went out, had some fun, and now that you’re home, the last thing you want to do is brush your teeth or wash your face of your makeup. While there’s no problem with hitting the hay after a long day or night out, you’re doing your complexion a severe disservice if you fall asleep with your makeup on. Here are three things that happen to your skin when you sleep with makeup on. Continue reading What Happens to Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup On (Hint: It’s Not Pretty)

Sunlight Can Damage Your Skin Even in the Winter – Here’s What You Can Do About It

Sun and CloudsIt is a common misconception that once the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall, the sun can’t do anymore damage to your skin. That is simply not true. Though it is true that the atmosphere blocks some of the sun’s harmful UV rays during the winter, it doesn’t block all of it. In fact, in some places throughout the world, the sun’s UV rays are almost as strong in the winter as they are in the summer. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this winter, you should be aware of how the sun can harm your complexion and what you can do to protect yourself. Continue reading Sunlight Can Damage Your Skin Even in the Winter – Here’s What You Can Do About It