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Foods That Speed Up Your Body’s Aging Process

We get it — some of the tastiest foods are also some of the unhealthiest. While we have no qualms about indulging in some sugar-coated strawberries or deliciously greasy French fries, we also know that overindulgence can have negative consequences, one of which is sped-up aging. Before you go smothering your toast in butter or loading up a ballpark hotdog, think twice about how it will affect your body’s natural aging process, and consider swapping it out with an alternative instead. Continue reading Foods That Speed Up Your Body’s Aging Process

Healthy Fats for Healthy Skin

For decades the medical community has been touting a low-fat diet for heart health. Over the years, their understanding of fats and the effect they have on our bodies has been refined, so we now know that it is primarily saturated fat, triglycerides and excess sugar (which your body converts to fat) that need to be avoided. Unfortunately, the latest medical knowledge is not so quickly relayed to or received by the masses. Consequently, Americans may be missing out on the health—and skin benefits—of essential fatty acids.

What Are “Healthy Fats”

The body needs fat as building blocks for various compounds and Continue reading Healthy Fats for Healthy Skin

4 Skin Benefits of Matcha

Green tea is largely considered a superfood because of all its health benefits. But not all green tea is created equal. While drinking traditionally steeped green tea can improve your health, concentrated matcha packs even more potent doses of green tea’s health-boosting compounds. And when it comes to skin health, here’s what matcha delivers: Continue reading 4 Skin Benefits of Matcha

Yes, Chlorophyll Is a Superfood and Skincare Ingredient!

Green has long been associated with health, so it’s no wonder green drinks and skincare products are becoming all the rage. And what makes them green? In many health formulas, it’s the same stuff that makes plants green—chlorophyll. And science backs up why it should be in your diet and your medicine cabinet.

What Is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a Continue reading Yes, Chlorophyll Is a Superfood and Skincare Ingredient!

Great Skin: Great Products Can’t Do It Alone

Great skin—clear, radiant and firm skin—is no accident. It takes the right products and the right nutrition to get the healthy, youthful-looking results.

For Great Skin, Eat This…

Proper nutrition is often overlooked when trying to improve or maintain skin health, but a healthy diet is a must for great skin. When you eat the right foods, you can supply your skin with the hydration and nutrients it needs for optimal protection, repair, cell turnover and dermal matrix composition. So, what are the right foods?

For hydration:

•Six to eight 8-oz. glasses of water
•Fresh fruits and vegetables

For optimal protection:

•Dark-colored fruits and vegetables. Dark-skinned Continue reading Great Skin: Great Products Can’t Do It Alone

You’ll Never Guess What Can Reduce Cellulite

/You know the saying: a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Well, what if that wasn’t true. Cellulite is not inevitable with aging. It’s not even inevitable with weight gain. In fact, there are a number of things you can do to prevent the formation of cellulite, and a couple of them are actually pretty indulgent!

What Is Cellulite?

Before knowing how to prevent cellulite, Continue reading You’ll Never Guess What Can Reduce Cellulite

How Diet Can Improve Skin Health

As important as it is to have a good skincare regimen, the foods you eat impact your skin as much as the products you apply. While balanced nutrition is the best thing you can do to support healthy skin, there are several vitamins and minerals that contribute to glowing, flawless skin. Here are three components of your diet to address for your best skin ever. Continue reading How Diet Can Improve Skin Health

What Are the Best Foods for Your Complexion?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” This is truer than you may know! Diet plays a big role in the appearance and health of your skin. While some foods have been linked to acne and other skin problems, other foods can contribute to a glowing and radiant complexion. Here are a few important superfoods to work into your diet for your healthiest skin ever. Continue reading What Are the Best Foods for Your Complexion?

What Seasonal Foods Are Good for Your Skin?

Skin health is something we often worry about in summer, when we’re more likely to be out in the sun. The truth is, though, that skin care is a year-round concern. In addition to preventive care while in the great outdoors, what we eat plays a big role in keeping skin healthy and supple.

When it comes to skin damage, the biggest culprit is the free radical—a kind of molecule which lacks an electron, and as a result clings onto other cells like skin. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to tackle these free radicals, as low-processed foods that are high in antioxidants can counter-act the damage they do.

While it’s important to eat a low-fat, antioxidant-rich diet throughout the year, here are a few of our favorite fall foods that are good for your skin. Continue reading What Seasonal Foods Are Good for Your Skin?