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CharColate Masque W/ Charcoal and Peloids

This unique masque uses activated charcoal to help detoxify and Charcolate Masque 2.1(1)rejuvenate the skin.  With the help of Peloids (Silt), this product provides oxygenating minerals that minimizes pores while leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.  Here are some key ingredients that provide product efficacy:

Activated Charcoal (Activated Carbon):

This carbon is obtained by coconut shells, 100% pure and activated by heating to 900C with steam which results in a porous structure just like honeycomb.  This is a Detox-1600 USP grade, super natural carbon.  The internal surface area averages 10,000 sq. feet per gm.  This is the reason why this charcoal mask is very effective in removing dirt, pollutants, and pigments from make-up materials.


Peloids are therapeutic silt mud rich in organic substances, natural hormones, anti-biotics, bio-stimulators, microelements, organic acids, humus, and minerals.  This volcanic mud is used to heal the body from inside and is a living matter with salt and sulfur.


Cococin is a solid, highly rich nutrient and nourishing factor from green coconut water.  This freeze dried powder is rich in protein, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and growth hormones.  The skin elasticity and hydration are critical benefits to this active ingredient.

Cacao Powder:

Cacao nibs are cold pressed without removing any oils in this powder.  This is rich in cacao butter, sulfur, and flavanols.  These contribute to beautiful skin.  In raw form, cacao contains neurotransmitting Anandamide, Arginine, Phenethylamine, and Tryptophan which trigger happy mechanisms in the brain.  While soaking in this mask, you feel hydrated, sweet dreaming, and happy.  After the mask, your skin gets recharged removing toxins and excess oils, and feels clean and fresh.


Pump 3-6 times into your hands. Apply masque to your entire face and neck area after you cleanse the skin. Leave on for 5-15 minutes and let dry then wash off with cool water. Masque can be used on all skin types.  For additional effects use synergistically with our Marula Enzyme Mask.


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