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The Circulatory Benefits of Vitamin K

Why are we so passionate about vitamin K, one of Hale Cosmeceuticals favorite ingredients? It has more health benefits than just keeping skin elastic and supple!

Vitamin K was discovered in 1929 to be intimately tied to the circulatory system. It aids the liver in production of necessary blood-clotting proteins, but in recent years, another valuable service of this vitamin was discovered.

What Else Does K Do For You?

Arterial calcification was considered to be just a ‘side effect of aging’ for decades, but research discovered that insufficient vitamin K actually accelerated it. What arterial calcification involves is the deposit of loose calcium in the structure of blood vessels. It causes a hardening of the vessels themselves, reducing their elasticity, and contributes to plaque.

Vitamin K activates proteins in the body which prevent the calcification of blood vessels and organs. These proteins – called Gla-proteins – cannot function without proper levels of vitamin K in the body.

Blood vessel elasticity is tied to the strength of the vessel itself. Healthy vessels are harder to break, leading to less severe bruising. Good circulation is one of the necessary elements to avoiding dangerous blood clots. Vitamin K certainly does a lot for the body, doesn’t it?

Better Circulation, Better Skin

Improved circulation isn’t just vital to overall health; it has a direct effect on your skin as well. A lack of oxygen in the blood – due to poor circulation – can lead to skin pigmentation and a blotchy complexion. If your blood can’t move freely through your body, you can look pale or even ashen.

What about acne or skin outbreaks? If your blood can’t circulate to carry platelets to repair the damage, any small cuts or acne scars can take far longer to heal. Circulatory health is surprisingly important to the look and feel of your skin.

Our advanced vitamin K skin lotion – Profile K Milk Lotion – not only offers a topical way to increase your intake of this surprisingly important vitamin, but it can help reduce the appearance of spider veins, dark circles under the eyes and even rosacea. Curious about what Profile K can do for you? Contact us today to have any of your questions answered!



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