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DMAE Neutralizer 5%

Chemicals peels are great for uncovering a smooth and appealing complexion. However, they can also have unintended consequences, such as by throwing your pH balance out of whack.

Over the years, Hale Cosmeceuticals has created skin care solutions for every possible issue, from acne to age spots. We’re also constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize our current skin care line, which is why we came up with DMAE Neutralizer 5%.

How DMAE Neutralizer 5% Works

This innovative skin care spray contains Dimethyl MEA, which is composed of amino acids and choline, a nutrient that boosts cell growth and metabolism. Dimethyl MEA reduces inflammation, improves lines and wrinkles, and increases firmness, along with other many therapeutic uses. Dimethyl MEA also helps your skin maintain a normal pH balance, which is especially important after using a chemical peel.

Because they use acids to remove dead skin cells and other debris, chemical peels also disrupt your skin’s pH balance. When the pH balance is disrupted, your skin’s protective barrier will be diminished, which leaves you more susceptible to dryness and sensitivity. With 11pH DMAE, you can reap all the great benefits of chemical peels while also resting assured that your skin’s delicate pH balance will be restored.

Other Benefits of DMAE Neutralizer 5%

DMAE Neutralizer 5% can also be used as a post-cleansing toner. Just two to four sprays over your skin and you’ll enjoy increased firmness and elasticity all day long.

Feel Great About Yourself, Inside and Out

We pride ourselves on creating safe, effective, and cruelty-free products, whether you’re searching for cleansers, moisturizers, chemical peels, sun protection, or something else.

If you’d like to learn more about our DMAE Neutralizer 5%, please call 1-800-951-7005. You can also contact us to place an order or find out how you can get your own free sample.

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