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What You Need to Know about Fall Allergies and Your Skin

While spring is notorious for allergy-inducing pollens, fall can be just as nasty. If you find yourself reaching for the decongestants, you may also want to reach for some moisture-restoring and inflammation-reducing skincare products from Hale Cosmeceuticals, too.

How Allergies Affect Your Skin

Seasonal allergies do not directly affect the skin like a rash. However, the irritation and inflammation they cause can be written all over your face—especially your eyes. When you rub your itchy eyes, you also cause fluid to collect in the thin skin around your eyes…and that leads to red, puffy eyes, which makeup alone is hopeless in hiding.

What’s more, OTC decongestants that brings relief from the itching, sneezing and nose running are dehydrating, and that shows up on your face, too. When your body lacks sufficient moisture, dark circles under your eyes are more noticeable. In fact, fine lines and wrinkles become more evident all over your face.

Skin Deep Allergy Relief

Hale Cosmeceuticals has the advanced products you need to maintain your skin’s health during fall allergy season.

First, to take care of your delicate eyes, we recommend our Almost-Cooling Eye Gel, which delivers lipid- and collagen-rich nourishment to make under-eye skin firmer and more resilient.

Second, to restore all-over moisture, we have a number of products tailored to each skin type, including:

The skin care professionals at Hale Cosmeceuticals are always available to help you find the right products and combinations for your seasonal skin care. Get your personal skin care assessment and contact us to order!

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