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It’s Fall. Why Do I Still Need Sun Protection?

The days are getting shorter, the sun is less intense, but YES! You do still need sun protection. Here’s why:

UVA rays penetrate earth’s atmosphere year-round

UVB rays are the type of solar radiation that cause sunburn. The angle at which light rays enter the earth’s atmosphere after the autumnal equinox deflects most UVB rays, so some skin damage risk is mitigated by the seasonal change. But, UVA rays penetrate the earth’s atmosphere to the same degree October through March as they do in the middle of summer. And, UVA rays penetrate more deeply into your skin, putting the dermal layer—the layer that contains firming and toning collagen and elastin—at risk.

So, even though your skin may not redden, blister or peel like it does under the summer sun, your skin may be under attack, resulting in accelerated photoaging—i.e., sagging and hyperpigmentation.

Sun protection protects you from more than just the sun

Sun protection that includes a barrier, like zinc oxide (preferably micro ionized for absorption that doesn’t leave you looking ghostly), provides a barrier to other skin-irritating elements:

  • Wind
  • Cold

Wind can whip your face, leaving it sensitive and inflamed much like a sunburn. Cold ambient air holds less moisture, meaning evaporation rate increases at your skin’s surface, leaving your skin parched. A barrier protects your skin and helps lock in moisture.

Perfect Fall-time Sun Protection

Hale Cosmeceuticals has the perfect sun protection for your fall skincare lineup: Complexion Perfection. Our vegan formula BB cream has active ingredients that nourish your skin and provide natural sun protection. You may use it as a foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone, with or without makeup.

To outfit your cabinet with the finest fall skincare products, contact us to order.

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