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On Exhibit: Hale’s Fall Trade Show Schedule

Come and find out what's in it for you.
Come and find out what’s in it for you.

The skin care industry is always changing. Conferences, conventions and trade shows are a great opportunity for professionals to keep pace with new technologies, new research, best practices and new products. And as member of this dynamic field, Hale Cosmeceuticals makes it a priority to be at these events, too!

What’s in It for You

As a skin health professional, conferences, conventions and trade shows offer two major benefits:


To maintain professional licensure, skin health professionals must complete continuing education (CE) credits (number of credits and length of time for completion vary by state). Conferences and conventions present the opportunity to gain CE credits through key note presentations, breakout sessions and workshops.

Sessions may present in-depth information on topics, introductions to new developments in the industry, etc. Many courses or sessions are product-neutral and applicable in a variety of clinical settings from dermatology practices to med spas to salons. Other sessions may specifically address use of a particular brand or product. No matter what the topic, the information gathered helps you provide the best skin care (products, technology and practices) and patient/client experience possible.

Professional Networking

Conferences, conventions and trade shows bring together a number of different professionals in the skin health field—doctors, nurses, licensed estheticians, product representatives, etc. Everyone brings their own knowledge and experience that you can learn from in one-on-one conversations. New professional relationships may bring about opportunities for collaborative research, for mentoring/training, to offer new services or products, perhaps even to negotiate special contract pricing for a product or equipment line.

In addition to the scheduled events, conference, convention and trade show exhibit halls present a gallery of the latest technology, equipment and products available that you may peruse at your own pace.

What’s in It for Us

The exhibit hall gallery would not be possible without the road warriors from the companies who bring you the latest skin health technologies and products—like Hale Cosmeceuticals. The life of a traveling representative can be quite exhausting—living out of a suitcase, spending more time in airports and hotels than home during peak conference season—so why do we do it?

Because we get to meet you!

We love the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face and make personal connections. We love to hear stories of how our products work for you. We enjoy giving out samples and encouraging you to test new products. We welcome the opportunity to customize a solution to meet the unique needs of your clinic, med spa, salon, etc. Of course, we also love bringing a smile to your face with the special pricing we offer at our trade show booths.

Let’s Make It a Date

So let’s get together! Here’s where Hale Cosmeceuticals will be later this summer and fall:

Face & Body® Spa Conference & Expo Northern California*

McEnry Convention Center, Booth #1027

San Jose, CA

August 25-26

*You can get discounted admission to the exhibit hall with our exclusive invitation promotion code. Click here for details!

International Congress of Esthetics and Spa

Long Beach Convention Center, Booth #231

Long Beach, CA

September 29-30

International Congress of Esthetics and Spa

Pennsylvania Convention Center (stay tuned for booth info)

Philadelphia, PA

October 27-28

If you cannot meet Hale Cosmeceuticals at any of our upcoming trade shows, contact us to learn more about our products, wholesale pricing, custom compounding, private labeling and more!

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