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Hottest Looks to Try This Summer

If COVID-19 has you feeling frumpy and less than your typically glamorous self, you’re not alone. All this social distancing and working from home means your cute pantsuits and sleek pumps have taken a backseat to your sweats and slippers. Now that the weather is starting to warm up though, and as states lift their social-distancing measures, you may finally feel motivated to go all out in your dress and your makeup. Be bold in your choices and give one of the following trends a try.

Clothing Trends

This year’s clothing trends run the gamut from laid back to grunge to just straight fun. Because many of these trends are come-back trends, you may even have the pieces already in your closet to pull off a hip new look:

  • Utility Style Clothing: Unleash your inner tomboy and bust out those cargo pants and jumpsuits you tucked into the back of your closet all those long years ago. Looking like you’re going to work on a construction site or about to join the army is finally in-style once more.
  • Neon Colors: If you’re more about bright, happy colors than subdued and serious khaki, you’re in luck. Neon pinks, greens, oranges and yellows are not just as appropriate for days by the pool as they are for nights at the rave.
  • Oversized Tees: Don’t know what to pair your faded blue jeans or oversized utility pants with? Just dig through your pajama drawer and bust out those old concert tees and old baseball jerseys. Not only are these old tees comfy but also, they’re cute and they can tell a person a lot about your personality simply by what’s printed on them.
  • Crop Tops: Quarantine gave you a lot of time to work on those abs, so show off your hard work with a crop top. Because of their versatility, this is one trend that has never (and we hope never will) die.
  • Fringe Detailing: It’s fitting that one of the most popular trends from the roaring 20s — fringe detailing — has come full circle in this new decade. Whether you opt for fringed jackets, skirts, tops or all three, have fun with this recycled trend this summer.

Makeup Trends

2020’s summer makeup trends are just as versatile as the clothing trends you’ll see. Check out some of the top looks to try this season:

  • Neon Eyes: If you’re not one for head-to-toe neon, keep it lowkey but still channel your inner trendsetter with neon eyeshadow.
  • Larger Than Life Lashes: Go for the au natural look, but still make your eyes pop with over the top — even spider-leg-like — lashes.
  • Over-the-Top Blush: Forgo the eyeshadow and just use blush. Be liberal in how you color your cheeks, then carry the color up to your eyelids. This creates a cohesive and, some might daresay, romantic look.
  • Stained Lips: Don’t forget about your pout. Achieve a just-bitten stained look with a shiny red or deep pink that is slightly darker than your natural lip shade.

Jewelry Trends

The right jewelry can complete just about any look. Take your grungy tee or neon pant suit to glamorous new heights with the following pieces:

  • Statement Chokers: Chokers made a comeback last year and it looks as if they’re here to stay. However, whereas 2019 was all about understated chokers, 2020 is all about piling on the accessories — and the chunkier and gaudier the pieces, the better.
  • Everyday Objects: What are you doing with that cute but unused keychain? What about that bejeweled pen or oversize safety pin? Nothing? Make a statement piece out of it. When your outfit is boring or just needs one more unexpected touch, do something fun and unusual by turning an everyday household object into an eye-catching piece of jewelry.
  • Colorful Stones: Colorful stones never go out of style, but this year, it seems as if the bigger the stone, the better. Giant cocktail rings, oversized earrings and large necklaces are sure to garner interest and compliments from your coworkers.
  • Pearls: Pearls are a classic, and for good reason. These dainty little pieces can add a sophisticated touch to even the most grunge-inspired outfit. Whether faux or real, and whether in its natural shaped or transformed into something more creative, a pearl piece is bound to be your go-to accessory.

If COVID has you feeling down, lift yourself up by trying one or several of the fun, flirty trends above. Even if it’s not your thing, simply playing around with clothing and makeup is sure to give you a much-needed mood boost.

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