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Facelift Creams

Deep wrinkles and fine lines are among the biggest concerns as we age, especially around the face. Our Pentapeptide Facelift and HP (High-Potency) Pentapeptide Facelift are terrific topical treatments that can give you noticeable results within a few weeks. With natural ingredients derived from vegetable sources, they are acid-free, non-comedogenic, non-irritating, and completely safe for everyday use.

Pentapeptide Facelift

Use after evening cleansing and before the application of any other skin care product for best results. The anti-glycating effects curb free radicals and allow for increased collagen formation, giving skin elasticity, softness, and smoothness. We recommend this product as a preventative treatment for younger skin to maintain general skin health.

HP Pentapeptide Facelift

For more mature skin, our high-potency lotion contains 5 different peptides as well as Argireline, which provides a Botox-like effect without the needle. Safe for use both morning and night for use on the face and neck area, this product replenishes and hydrates while reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles. As with all topical preparations, the best results occur as part of a comprehensive daily skin care regime.

If you are looking to smooth fine lines and deep wrinkles, but do not want to do Botox or undergo surgery, our Pentapeptide Facelift products are a great alternative.

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