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If You Use It, Know What’s In It

Creams, lotions, face and body wash, toners and more—we use a lot of products on our body, but how often do we check the ingredients? Do we know what ingredients are dangerous with long-term usage? Hale Cosmeceuticals handles research, development and production in-house, but not all beauty products are given that attention.

-paraben or –ester

This suffix indicates a fragrance ingredient that can disrupt your body’s natural hormonal balance. Often used in water-based formulas, these preservatives are under examination for leading to long-term damage such as breast cancer.


In itself, petrolatum isn’t particularly harmful, despite being derived from crude oil. Impurities in it, such as coal tar, are linked to melanoma and lung cancer. Petrolatum itself blocks pores in skin, preventing the natural elimination of impurities. This can cause acne and exacerbate dry skin.


An antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent, this synthetic ensures that nothing can live on your skin. It’s also been linked to endocrine and thyroid disruption. This can cause hormonal imbalances that affect more than just the appearance of your skin.


Preservatives keep products from spoiling during packaging, shipping and storage in stores. They can also be harmful to the body. These are also used as fragrances in cosmetics, and are known endocrine disruptors. Causing hormonal imbalance can do more damage to your body and appearance than going without makeup.

Choose Your Products Carefully

Know your products and the process by which they’re made. keeps all production, development and creation of our products entirely in-house, ensuring that we can offer you safe products that don’t involve dangerous side effects.

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