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The Hottest Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Fall

At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we love fall, and no, not just because pumpkin spice is back on the menu (thought that’s a bonus). In addition to cooler weather, falling leaves and shorter days, the changing of the seasons also means new styles. So, what you can expect in terms of makeup trends in Fall 2019? Find out below.

Metallics Are In

This fall, expect to see a lot of shimmery gold, copper and bronze lids. For daytime wear, coat your eyelids in a soft shade of gold. For more of a sultry nighttime look, edge your eyes with an inky shadow or use a darker shade to give yourself a cat eye.

Line Your Lips

Lip liner never really went out, but whereas before it was the trend to match your liner to your lipstick shade, this fall, expect to see a lot of lips with liner one or two shades darker than the gloss. To achieve a natural fade, smudge the lines inward. You can even use just liner and top it off with shimmery gloss.

Matte Red Lips

If you want to make more of a statement with your pout, coat it in vibrant red. When you opt for a statement color, you don’t need to do up the rest of your face. Just swipe on a matte lipstick before heading out the door for an instantly put-together look.

Colored Liner

Fall is all about subdued colors, right? Apparently, not Fall of 2019. If shades of brown, taupe, bronze and black just aren’t doing it for you, grab eyeliner in a shade of neon and swipe it beneath your bottom lashes. Pair it with a heavy black wing on your upper lashes to balance out the pop of color.

Winged Eyeshadow

If you miss winged eyeshadow, you’re in luck. Runways this year were full of models with eyeshadow wings that went up to the heavens. Keep your wardrobe simple and make a statement with your eyes by dragging out the shadow to the tips of your eyebrows.

Go Light on the Brows

We know, we know, you’ve been going heavy with the brow pencil for a few years now. Well, it’s time to stop and let your brows look a little more natural. While you don’t want to let them go entirely, you want to be sure to avoid the tweezed look of the 90s.

Create the perfect foundation on which to try any of the new fall looks. Shop Hale Cosmeceuticals for the quality skincare products your skin deserves.

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