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Our Ingredients vs. Ingredients in Over-the-Counter Products

In a market filled with almost endless choices, it can be difficult to find a brand you really trust. Cosmetic and skin care companies are frequently under fire for making unethical choices and using questionable ingredients. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we’re different. Once you compare our ingredients to those in typical over-the-counter beauty products, you’ll understand why.

Ingredients You Can Trust

The more skin care technology advances, the more obvious it becomes that nature and nutrition are the most important elements in any strategy to heal and restore balance to human skin. That’s why our focus centers on including powerful, natural active ingredients in our products. Backed by our own extensive research and state-of-the-art skin technology, our skin care lines are built on the latest advances in antioxidant and vitamin therapies along with the proven success of nourishing probiotics, idebenone and hyaluronic acid. To ensure that you enjoy the full scope of abilities these ingredients offer, we utilize cold-water
processing to prevent heat degradation that could reduce their potency

What We Don’t and Won’t Do

Sometimes, it’s the missing ingredients define the quality of a brand. Unlike so many common over-the-counter skin care products, ours don’t include artificial preservatives or other chemicals that do nothing to help your skin. You’ll never see skin-irritating, controversial parabens listed on our labels. Our ultimate goal is provide vital nutrition to cells without introducing unnecessary and potentially harmful additives that could counteract the benefits our products provide. In addition to our concern for the health of your skin, we also care about our furry and feathered friends. We never engage in any form of animal testing, and we don’t use ingredients that include animal derivatives.

We Take Pride in Our Difference

With more than two decades of experience in researching and developing effective, cutting-edge products that address skin care in a personal and conscientious way, we’re proud of our results and the confidence we’ve earned from loyal clients and consumers. To learn more about our unique approach and the products and ingredients we proudly stand behind, visit the rest of our website.

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