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Science of Skincare: Oxygenation

Oxygen is essential to life, we all know that. A deep breathe rejuvenates our bodies and exercise makes us feel good, partly because of the influx of oxygen into our bloodstream. But, did you know that oxygen is crucial to your skin’s ability to create new cells? An oxygen deficiency in the skin can contribute to skin fatigue, dullness, and even signs of aging.

What is Oxygenation?

Oxygenation refers to a saturation or influx of oxygen in order to revive or restore. For example, oxygenation occurs when we breathe. Blood is oxygenated in our lungs and keeps our cells healthy and happy.

Oxygenation also occurs in our skin (it is, after all, the largest organ of our body!), but is more affected by external conditions such as UV rays, pollution, smoke, and debris. It’s also the last part of your body to receive oxygen. By the time the oxygen molecules reach your epidermis, they have already delivered their oxygenating power to other parts of the body and may not be able to deliver 100% of their power.

Why Your Skin Needs Oxygen

As we grow older, the oxygen in our body is gradually depleted. The lack of oxygen inevitably shows up – on your face, on your hands, and wherever your skin shows. While breathing oxygen increases circulation, adding it to your skincare routine means that your skin is more likely to absorb vital nutrients and appear bright and vibrant.

Oxygenation allows your skin to take a deep breath. And while oxygen facials are available at many med spas, you can actually promote oxygenation in your own skin just by integrating it into your skincare routine. Here’s how:

  • Massage While Your Moisturize. When moisturizing, massage your skin gently to promote circulation. Better circulation brings higher levels of oxygen to your skin cells. Try our Soft Finishing Moisturizer for extra smoothness – it’s 20% off this month only!
  • Get a Deeper Clean. The clearer your pores are, the better your skin can breath, which means higher levels of oxygenation! Hale’s Dermist Cleanser is pH balanced to deeply clean pores so they can breathe better!
  • Tone Your Skin. When you’re exfoliating and cleansing, residue can be left behind on your skin. To clarify, you should use a toner. This will clear away all residue so your skin can maximize its oxygen intake! 
  • Give Facial Skin a Weekly Treat. In between work and chores at home, your skin is exposed to a variety of environments. Take the time once a week to detox skin cells with a relaxing masque treatment like our Marula Masque or our Super Silt Masque. Both formulas use naturally sourced enzymes to remove dead skin cells, exposing new skin cells to the oxygen they need to be bright and luminous!

The same way the air can feel stuffy and lackluster in closed, compressed spaces, our skin can look tired, dull, and clogs can get clogged when it isn’t given the opportunity to breathe. To maximize skin oxygenation, keep facial touching to a minimum (that includes your smartphone…try using speaker phone!) and use a silk pillowcase that maximizes air exchange while you are sleeping.

More Oxygen = Smoother, Brighter Skin

You don’t need an oxygen facial to benefit from the power of oxygenation! Contact Hale Cosmeceuticals to learn more about our oxygenating skincare products and ask about our monthly specials. Our Marula Mask, Royal Silhouette Serum, and Soft Finishing Moisturizer are 20% off all April long! Call to order: 1-800-951-7005.

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