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The Hale Difference: Paraben-Free

Hale's products are good for your health!
Hale’s products are good for your health!

When it comes to selecting the right products to promote your skin health, you know it’s important to check the active ingredients. You may research where they come from and how they are formulated and treated to ensure that the product you apply to your skin delivers on its promises of better hydration, wrinkle reduction, etc. But the inactive ingredients can be just as important.

Why Skin Care Products Have Preservatives

Some of the inactive ingredients in skin care formulations do not do anything for your skin health, per se…but they may keep it safe for application. You see, skin health products—serums, creams and lotions—are often the pH balanced, moisture-rich environment in which bacteria and other microscopic pathogens thrive. Certain preservatives inhibit microbial growth in your skin care products, keeping them safe for skin application.

The Problem with Parabens

Parabens are a family of chemicals that have “bactericidal and fungicidal properties”—in other words, they kill of bacteria and fungus. That seemingly makes parabens perfect for use in skin care products. However, products that include parabens may work on your skin, but they also deliver chemicals that interfere with other body systems. Parabens are known endocrine disruptors—they interfere with other hormones, your body’s chemical communication system.

Some parabens have been linked to estrogen activity, believed to be a driver for tumor formation, In fact, parabens have been found in breast tumor tissue. Some parabens are highly reactive in the presence of UV radiation, contributing to premature skin aging and DNA damage (which may translate to an increased risk of certain skin cancers).

How Hale is Paraben-Free

Because Hale Cosmeceuticals is committed to delivering products that promote skin health without compromising overall health, we do not use parabens in our formulas. Instead, we use safe preservatives, including preservatives deemed safe for usage in foods, including scorbic acid, benzyl alcohol and rosemary oleoresins.

To inhibit microbial growth, we also use International Specialty Products’ Optiphen preservative line. Optiphen™ is paraben-free and formaldehyde-free, so it delivers protection against a wide array of microbial threats without endocrine disruption, heightened allergic reactivity or increased risk of cancer. That’s the Hale Difference.

Visit our Products page to explore our full line of paraben- and formaldehyde-free skin health products. Take our personal skin assessment to find the products tailored to your skin type and skin care goals. Contact us for free samples, and call us (1-800-951-7005) to place your order.

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