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CharColate Masque

CharColate Masque

This detoxfying Charcoal Peloid base mask helps unclog pores, detoxifies, and brightens the skin.


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This unique masque uses activated charcoal to help detoxify and rejuvenate the skin. With the help of Peloids (Silt), this product provides oxygenating minerals that minimizes pores while leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.
- The charcoal carbon in this product is 100% pure and activated by heating to 900C with steam which results in a porous structure just like honeycomb. The internal surface area averages 10,000 sq. feet per gm. This is the reason why this charcoal mask is very effective in removing dirt, pollutants, and pigments from make-up materials.

- Cacao nibs are cold pressed without removing any oils from the powder. This is rich in cocoa butter, sulfur, and flavanols, which contribute to beautiful skin. After the mask, your skin gets recharged removing toxins and excess oils, and feels clean and fresh.


Cacao beans are often used to make chocolate, but cold-pressed cacao beans gives us the highly beneficial Cacao Powder. When used on the skin, it retains its anti-oxidant properties as well as nutrients and omega-6 fatty acids. Cacao powder is high in antioxidants that assist in reducing toxins. Flavanols help protect the skin and increase dermal blood flow. The same fatty acids seen in cocoa butter are present in cacao powder to nourish the skin.
Derived from coconut solids, Cococin aids in healthy skin regeneration, assists in skin elasticity, and increases the effect of skin hydration.
Peloids, a therapeutic mud silt, consist of about 90% water and packed with organic substances, minerals, and vitamins from many years of biologic and geologic activity. Peloids are rich in minerals key for skin health, absorbs excess oils, minimizes pores, and removes dead skin cells.
An ingredient that mostly absorbs toxins in the body, activated charcoal cleanses the skin and helps in pulling toxins out which leaves you with a fresh, smooth, and supple face.


Recommended to use in the evening to the face and neck area. Apply the mask, and leave it for 5-15 minutes until dried. Wash off with cool water. Recommended to use several times weekly
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