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Nu-Nails uses essential amino acids found in nail keratin, as well as Vitamin A, and myrrh extract to increase the strength of fingernails to avoid the cracking and splitting associated with weaker nails.


Fingernails and toenails get brittle over time due to dehydration and a gradual loss of lipids as we age. Furthermore, nails have no pores through which to absorb vital nutrients or breathe. NuNails is scientifically formulated with the essential amino acids that naturally occur within nail keratin.

- Retinol (vitamin A) and natural emollients from myrrh extract fortify the nail bed and add moisture and strength to the nail as it grows

- Polymers add both strength and elasticity. NuNails also contains 25% natural tree resins which covers nails with a thin, extremely strong coating to protect against chips, flaking, splitting, cracking, and de-laminating.

- use NuNails with painted nails just as effectively as with natural nails. It’s even fine for use with nail extenders!


Myrhh extract is a natural tree resin. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties that keeps nails healthy and rigid, and improves the skins elasticity.
An essential mineral which lessens the formation of negative skin radicals and protects the skin’s lipids. It is also effective and beneficial against acne and scarring.


Use daily, and apply directly to the nail plate and nail fold
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