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Mini Professional Care System

Maintain Skin Health with Quality Skin Care Products while On the Go


Glowing SkinThe signs of aging can sneak up on you, especially if you have a busy and stressful lifestyle. While there are various products that promise to fight wrinkling, not every company designs systems specifically for those who need quick and effective solutions. The Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Professional Care System comes in a mini version that is the perfect answer for time-pressed individuals. The four complementary products come in small containers, perfect to put in a purse or briefcase:

Dermist Cleanser—Even the most professional anti-aging systems require a clean canvas for effective treatment. Our Dermist formulation is one of the gentlest and most versatile skin care products we make. The soothing and refreshing cleanser adds passion nut fruit extract to a polysucrose-derived base to remove bacteria and dirt without risking redness or irritation.

Soft Finishing Moisturizer—Professional skin care products often use antioxidants to promote skin health. Ellagic acid is the secret ingredient in our Soft Finishing Moisturizer. This ingredient increases collagen production to counteract wrinkling and protect against cellular damage. Kukui nut oil gently nourishes the skin without risking acne outbreaks.

O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex—Because so much of aging can be traced to damaging free radical cells in the body, it makes sense that Hale’s anti-aging Professional Care System includes a powerful antioxidant cream to promote skin health. The O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex delivers 3,666 units of antioxidant-fighting ability to your skin to help remove the Reactive Oxygen Species that leads to wrinkling and aging. Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids work in harmony with these microscopic miracles to soften, moisturize, improve skin tone and fight blemishes.

C-Fine Super Serum—While the O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex product is a powerhouse of age-fighting ingredients, our C-Fine Super Serum delivers a powerful punch of vitamin C to your skin with a full 20 percent concentration in each bottle. Vitamin C improves your skin’s texture and works especially well for mature skin. Because of the advanced processing techniques we use, the vitamin C in this formulation remains available, never degraded by heat exposure.

Because we believe everyone should have access to professional quality skin care products, our Professional Care System uses ingredients designed to give you the ultimate in skin health. As a mini kit, these four products not only work as promised, but also provide an easy way to keep your skin healthy and refreshed on the go.

No matter what your needs are, Hale Cosmeceuticals is here to help promote skin health. Our research team designs each of our products carefully and methodically to offer you only the best that your money can buy. We never test on animals and avoid irritating ingredients like parabens. Contact us today to experience truly knowledgeable and caring customer service. We’re happy to help you determine whether our Professional Mini Kit is right for you.

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