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Protecting Your Skin During Workouts

Your workout routine is essential to maintaining your overall health and appearance, but bad workout habits can hurt your skin and cause clogged pores, blemishes and more. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your skin both during and after your workout. Here are a few great tips to help you keep your skin looking and feeling great while you meet your fitness goals.

Remove Your Makeup

Makeup can clog your pores when it’s mixed with the sweat and oils your skin produces as you exercise, and clogged pores lead to breakouts.

Avoid Communal Germs

If you work out at a public gym, it’s important to protect yourself from bacterial and fungal skin infections. To kill germs on gym equipment, bring along a pack of antibacterial cleansing wipes, and use these to wipe down every machine and accessory that will come into contact with your skin. If you shower at the gym, wear appropriate shower sandals.

Keep Your Hair in Check

Keeping your hair away from your face and neck during exercise will reduce the amount of sweat that accumulates on your skin and threatens to clog your pores. If you have long hair, pin your hair up or wear a ponytail. Wear a headband to keep your bangs away from your forehead.

Always Shower After Your Workout

Never sit around in sweaty workout clothes; this greatly increases the risk of breakouts all over your body. Immediately after your workout, take a shower and put on clean clothes.

Replenish Your Skin After Your Shower

After you shower, apply a gentle moisturizer and any other skin care products that meet your specific needs such as toner, acne medications or athlete’s foot treatments.

Plan Ahead

Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking a dance class or just walking in nature, be sure to pack all the products you need to keep your skin healthy and radiant even through the toughest workouts.


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