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3 Age-Defying Results from Our Vitamin C Serum

You may not want to literally turn back the clock (because the teen- and 20-something-years were worse than we’d like to admit), but you do want to turn back the signs of aging. With Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Vitamin C Serum, you can!

Twice daily application of our Vitamin C Serum (after washing, before moisturizer) can help you look younger and improve your skin health by:

Stimulating collagen

Collagen is one of the key components in the dermal matrix that gives your skin its elasticity, tone and texture. Collagen levels and production naturally decline as we age, and as a result, skin sags and wrinkles. Boosting collagen production increases your skin’s resilience to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Fading age spots and discoloration

Hyperpigmentation is an age-giveaway. Our Vitamin C Serum helps breakdown pigment deposits to fade age spots (also called liver spots), freckles and redness.

Repairing and reversing UV and environmental damage

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage. Since UV radiation incites free radicals, delivering potent doses of vitamin C directly to your skin gives your skin what it needs to fight those age-accelerating molecules. Our Vitamin C Serum uses the purest form of vitamin C and at concentrations you will not find in any other brand.

Our Vitamin C Serum works for all skin types. Contact us to get your age-defying ally today!

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