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Introducing the Royal Silhouette Eye Therapy Serum!

Royal Silhouette Eye TherapyAt Hale Cosmeceuticals, we’re always looking for a better way to enhance your beauty. All of our products are developed in-house by our own R&D department so we can proudly offer you the best in beauty care. This includes giving you the chance to treat yourself like you’re royalty, including having bright, beautiful eyes without any dark circles or sagging skin.

What’s In Our Serum?

All of our products are cruelty-free, so you don’t have to worry about the ingredients ever having been tested on animals. We focus on providing products with scientifically proven results you can use without guilt.

Our new Royal Silhouette Eye Therapy Serum uses one of the best things available for your skin—vitamin C. Our fat soluble anti-oxidant helps cell walls produce more collagen and elastin. Combined with the L-Carnitine that provides lipid balance to your cells mitochondria, you have supple, plump cells with great elasticity. What does that mean for you? Smoother, younger-looking skin!

That takes care of sagging, but what about dark circles? We’ve combined pullulan—a biofilm that tightens, lifts and brightens skin—with roe enzyme to work with the vitamin C in reducing the sallowness that can plague your skin. Including a list of skin brighteners such as ferulic acid and copper chelates ensures you get smoother, more radiant skin.

Royal treatment for your eyes without the price tag!

How Do I Use It? Where Do I Get It?

Hale Cosmeceuticals knows you don’t have time for hours of careful skin care every day. Your beauty regimen has to fit into your busy lifestyle. Our Royal Silhouette Eye Therapy Serum only needs to be dabbed on beneath your eyes—that troublesome area so prone to dark circles—twice a day, morning and night, for maximum results.

And you can find it here, at Hale Cosmeceuticals! Combine it with our Royal Silhouette Serum and get the fresher, younger skin you deserve!

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