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Wholesale Beauty Products-High Quality Skin Care Products: Hale Cosmeceuticals offers a wide range of wholesale beauty products. We do it all from R & D to manufacturing to distribution, passing the savings on to you.

Acne Skin Care Products: What does your Acne skin care system do for you? At Hale Cosmeceuticals, our excellent Acne skin care system provides thorough cleansing of the skin for impurities, prevents clogged pores, removes oil, and fights signs of aging. With our own research and development team, you can count on quality and effectiveness of each of our acne products.

Animal-Free Testing Cosmetics: At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we believe in safe, humane products, which is why every single item we offer is backed by our animal testing-free guarantee. It is our professional policy that the safety and effectiveness of a product can be determined without the need to test it on animals, who absorb, metabolize and eliminate substances differently than we do, thus ensuring that any Hales Cosmeceuticals product that you use is cruelty-free and backed by a level of quality you can depend on.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Cream: No need to consult a plastic surgeon for a facelift any longer! Hale Cosmeceuticals’ anti-aging cream uses the latest scientific advances to help your body maintain youthful skin elasticity naturally.

Bags Under Eyes – Eye Cream for Bags: It’s the most unwelcome sight in the morning: bags under your eyes. There are several causes for them, and several things you can do to reduce them, including the use of high-quality, scientifically-based eye gels by Hale Cosmeceuticals.

Acne Treatment & Causes of Acne: The causes of acne aren’t just skin deep. Stress, hormones, and diet are significant factors. However, effective acne treatment can begin on the surface. Hale Cosmeceuticals acne skin care products remove pore-clogging particles and excess oil, restoring balance so your skin can fight acne breakouts.

C-Fine Milk Lotion-Skin Care-Improve Skin Texture & Elasticity: If you’re looking for a skin care product that contains healing vitamin C to improve skin elasticity, look no further than Hale Cosmeceuticals. Our C-Fine Milk Lotion is an 8% vitamin C product designed especially for younger skin. Contact us today to learn more!

Healthy Skin Care Cleansers-Clean Skin Care Cleaners-Products: Do you need a cleanser or masque to help you have the cleanest, healthiest skin possible? Contact Hale Cosmeceuticals today for more information on our Dermist Cleansers and Super Silk-Silt Masque!

Crows Feet Treatment – Reduce Crows Feet: Smiling eyes are good, but laugh lines around them is a different story. Crow’s feet are never a welcome sign, but they can be minimized by following these simple tips and with the help of quality anti-aging products by Hale Cosmeceuticals.

Combating Dark Circles Under Eyes: Hale Cosmeceuticals understands that sometimes all the rest in the world can’t keep dark circles under your eyes away, which is why we have carefully developed our line of high-quality anti-aging skin care products. Our Almost-Cooling Eye Gel are perfect for keeping dark circles at bay, or treating existing dark circles.

Skin Exfoliation – Skin Care Products: Off with the old! Exfoliating dead skin cells is an important part of keeping your skin healthy, but not any skin exfoliation product will do. Treat your skin as gently as you would an infant’s with Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Dermist GSL-624 Clarifier.

Skin Exfoliation Products-Exfoliating Cleanser Acne Treatment: Are you looking for a mild cleanser and acne treatment? Contact Hale Cosmeceuticals to discuss the benefits of our Dermist skin exfoliation cleanser with our customer service representatives!

Facial Mini Kit – Skin Care On The Go: How many times have you found yourself skipping out on your skin’s daily routine because you were running late to work or an appointment? Hale Cosmeceuticals’ facial mini kit is the perfect on the go tool for convenient skin health, anytime, anywhere. Now you can be on time and on point with your skin health routine!

Full-Sized Cosmetic Kits-Selective Skin Care Beauty Products: If you have specific skin care needs, Hale Cosmeceuticals has a full-size cosmetic kit with products to help you achieve your skin care goals. Contact us today for more information on our cosmetic kits and our top-of-the-line beauty products!

Hand & Eye Treatments-Reduce Wrinkles-Treatment of Crows Feet: Hands and eyes are some of the first places to show the signs of age. With advanced cosmeceuticals from Hale Cosmeceuticals, you can reduce wrinkles, treat crows’ feet and help undo the signs of aging.

Importance of Healthy Skin Care-Skin Health Problems: What you use on your skin does matter. Hale Cosmeceuticals conducts their own research to ensure that they know exactly what goes into their products and what those products can do. Their Vitamin C-enriched formulas are a must for your healthy skin care regimen.

Lactic Acid Face Peel-Lactic Acid Skin Care Products: Lactic acid face peels from Hale Cosmeceuticals is a gentler face peel great for reducing toxins, balancing pH, and renewing skin while stimulating collagen and elastin growth

Lip Skin Care Products – Stay True Lip Products: People can’t help but notice a person’s lips; whether they are soft and full, or dry and flaky, they are impossible to hide. Hale Cosmeceutical’s believes that the lips are an asset to be proud of, which is why we have marketed a wide variety of effective anti-aging products, including our Stay-True lips product, perfect for keeping your lips lush and attractive.

Super Silk-Silt Healthy Skin Masques: If you are looking for a masque to complete your skin care regimen, contact Hale Cosmeceuticals. Our Super Silk-Silt Masque provides you with facial pore cleansing you need for healthy, radiant skin!

Men’s Soft Shave Kit – Skin Care Products For Men: Women aren’t the only ones who need to take care of their skin, which is why we at Hale Cosmeceuticals have put together the perfect men’s soft shave kit! Consisting of our O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex, Soft Finishing Moisturizer, and our Dermist Cleanser, the men’s soft shave kit is ideal for who wants to “shave” off a few years with excellent skin health!

Facial Skin Moisturizers-Skin Care Technologies-Face Moisturizer: Skin moisturizers are an essential part of maintaining healthy skin. Hale Cosmeceuticals offers 4 advanced moisturizing products that will have your customers seeing great results right away.

Quality Skin Care Products-Healthy Skin Care: Healthy skin is the key to youthful looks. The key to healthy skin is healthy living and conscious care. Consciously care for your skin by using quality skin care products by Hale Cosmeceuticals—they use the pure form of Vitamin C in their products to promote health and beauty at the cellular level.

Chemical Peels – Hale Cosmeceuticals: Chemical peels are a great way to treat fine lines, facial wrinkles, and age spots. Hale Cosmeceuticals offers a variety of peels, using glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids as the principal active ingredients.

Phytic Acid Face Peel – Blemished Skin Peel: If environmental damage has left your skin dull, or if your skin is blemished by acne, try a phytic acid peel from Hale Cosmeceuticals. Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-951-7005 today!

Professional Mini Care System – Skin Care Products: We all get busy; that’s just a fact of life, but we should never be too busy to manage the health of our skin. The mini profession skin care system from Hale Cosmeceuticals is ideal for maintaining a busy schedule AND a beautiful face! Don’t put off your skin’s health when you can easily “put on” our affordable and effective products!

Rosacea Skin Care-Spider Veins Treatment-Profile K Milk Lotion: Profile K Milk Lotion from Hale Cosmeceuticals is a safe, effective treatment for the reduction of discoloration from Rosacea and spider veins.

Vitamin A-Retinol Skin Care-Re-Fine Milk Lotion-Healthier Looking Skin: Vitamin A is vital for several biological processes, including skin cell renewal. Try Re-Fine Milk Lotion with vitamin A (retinol) today for healthier-looking skin.

Retinol Skin Care Products-Retinol Skin Care Information-Vitamin A: Retinol, or vitamin A, is an essential vitamin for healthy skin. It encourages skin renewal and the production of collagen, and is also an effective acne therapy.

Sensitive Skin Care Products-Sensitive Skin Care Types: You can’t just coax your skin out of being sensitive. But Hale Cosmeceuticals can help you put your best face forward with their irritant-free sensitive skin care products. They even custom compound formulas for sensitive skin types.

Skin Brightener Lotion-Skin Brightening Correction Lotion: The unique technology developed by Hale Cosmeceuticals for our Skin Brightener Hyper-Pigmentation Correcting Lotion gives you a great weapon against uneven skin tone and brown spots.

Skin Care Products – Selective Skin Care System A: As we become adults, the many great components that make a young face so healthy begin to fade away, which is why skin care systems are so vital to maintaining skin health. Hale Cosmeceutical’s selective skin care system is an intensive group of products perfect for attaining and maintaining ultimate skin health!

Skin Exfoliation Products – Hale Cosmeceuticals: Expose your more vibrant, healthy face with Hale Cosmeceuticals’ skin exfoliation products. Their line of gentle scrubs and peels promote skin health for all skin types.

Skin Care Products For Men – Men’s Skin Care: Men often times are unable to work a thorough skin care regimen into their daily routine because of time constraints, which can seriously affect how your skin ages over time. Because of this, hale Cosmeceuticals has developed the men’s soft shave mini kit, a portable, on the go tool ideal for the business man to make his skin glow, as he makes his appointments, meetings, and conferences no hassle!

Healthy Lips Products-Skin Care-Stay True Lip Moisturizer: Lips need special care when it come to hydration and moisturizing. Use Stay-True Lips from Hale Cosmeceuticals for plump, moist, healthy lips.

Sub-Cu Glycine Glow-Improve Skin Elasticity-Reduce Fine Lines: Sub-Cu Glycine Glow from Hale Cosmeceuticals uses amino acids as active ingredients to improve skin elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Teenage Acne Treatment – Teenage Acne Products: Being a teenager is hard enough, no need to add the stress and frustration of acne breakouts. Control your teenage acne instead of letting it control you with Hale Cosmeceuticals’ quality skin care products.

Vitamin C Ferulic Acid Skin Care-C-Fine Super Serum-Healthy Skin: Are you looking for the highest quality 20% Vitamin c Serum with Ferulic Acid and Tocopherol products available to promote healthy skin? At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we’ve developed a skin care line enriched by vitamin C. Contact us to learn more about these quality products!

Vitamins-Skin Care-Vitamins C Skin Care Products-Aging Skin: By using natural vitamins to enhance skin care products, Hale Cosmeceuticals produces only the best products available. Contact us today to learn more about our vitamin-rich products, including those with vitamin K and vitamin A.

Wrinkles Treatment Skin Care Products: Maybe understanding why your skin wrinkles isn’t as important as getting rid of the wrinkles. But anti-aging produces are only as good as the research behind them. Hale Cosmeceuticals has spent 20 years understanding skin aging and uses the latest scientific advances in their wrinkles treatment formulas.

Kojic Peel with AHAs-Professional Use for Fitzpatrick Skin Types: Hale Cosmeceuticals has a new professional-only peel that synergistically combines kojic acid and a 3-AHA proprietary blend for amazing skin brightening effects! Contact us to order today.

Pro Prep – Pads: Use Pro-Prep Pads after cleansing and before chemical peels for a fresh, youthful complexion.

DMAE Neutralizer 5% – Benefits: Our DMAE Neutralizer 5% restores the pH balance of your skin, while also toning and tightening for a youthful glow.

Rosy 22 Peel – Sensitive Skin Care: Gentle enough for sensitive skin but effective enough to reveal a smooth, beautiful complexion, the Rosy 22 Peel is one of the many amazing products offered by Hale Cosmeceuticals.

Deep Moisturizer-Date Palm: Our new Date Palm Deep Moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and healthy thanks to the careful selection of all-natural ingredients. 


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