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Selective Skin Care System B

Quality Skin Care Products for Ultimate Skin Health

Relaxing Skin Care TreatmentSimple solutions make it easy to improve your skin health every day. It can be a hassle, as a busy adult, to dig through the hundreds of skin care products on the market to find just the right combination for your needs. The good news is that Hale Cosmeceuticals has already developed systems that work together to help you achieve youthful, glowing skin.

Our Selective Skin Care System B pairs three of our most basic and versatile skin care products, ideal for all skin types, including:

C-Fine Milk Lotion

Vitamin C is the secret behind this youth-promoting serum. An antioxidant nutrient, vitamin C is widely studied for its contribution to skin health. This recipe contains five percent of the agent known to knock out free radicals, effectively slowing the signs of aging. Younger skin especially benefits from this product, improving skin health as it fights redness and blemishes, reduces wrinkling and improves elasticity in the skin. Because of the way Hale Cosmeceuticals processes the lotion, none of the active vitamin C is degraded by heat.

Soft Finishing Moisturizer

Because aging skin quickly loses moisture, the Soft Finishing Moisturizer is a necessary part of any daily skin care routine. This product not only infuses your cells with nourishing lipids, but also introduces ellagic acid, another beneficial antioxidant agent. At a cellular level, this substance fights free radical damage caused by sun and chemical exposure and encourages your skin to produce collagen. Because younger skin can be reactive, care is taken with all ingredients, and people with conditions like rosacea and psoriasis especially appreciate this non-irritating moisturizer.

Dermist Cleanser

The Dermist Cleanser is one of the gentlest skin care products made by Hale Cosmeceuticals. Specifically designed to work with all types of skin, this formula removes dirt and harmful bacteria without stripping your skin of nourishing oils. Natural plant extracts refresh your skin while improving skin health. Like all of our products, the Dermist Cleanser never causes redness or irritation.

Even simple systems should work as promised. Each skin care product in the Selective Skin Care System B is carefully matched to stimulate collagen production, and cleanse, hydrate and smooth the skin to give you the younger look you’ve always wanted.

While we believe in all our skin care products, we especially recommend this system to people with busy lifestyles that need a reliable daily routine.

With 20 years in the industry, it shouldn’t be surprising that all of Hale Cosmeceuticals’ products benefit from cutting-edge, in-house research and the best ingredients on the market. All of our skin care products are free of parabens, and we sell to professionals, dermatologists and aestheticians, as well as wholesale to the public. Contact us today to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives and find out whether the Selective Skin Care System B is right for you!

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