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Skincare Isn’t Just about Your Face

Long woman legs isolated on white. Depilation or another healths concept A huge misconception when it comes to skincare products is that they’re created just for your face. While many products are formulated specifically for the skin on your face and even more delicate skin around your eyes, Hale Cosmeceuticals carries skincare products that improve the appearance of your neck, nails and areas that are cellulite-prone.

Skincare for Your Neck

The condition of the skin on your neck plays a big part in how old you look. For a truly youthful appearance, the skin on your neck should be firm and resilient. Our Sub-Cu Glycine Glow is formulated with numerous amino acids  to boost firmness and elasticity in the skin on your jaw, chin and neck.

Nail Care

Natural aging and habits that speed up the process of aging (like smoking) result in dehydration and loss of lipids in your nails. The result is brittle nails that may flake or crack. NuNails moisturizes and fortifies the nail with the amino acids needed for keratin production (the “stuff” nails are made of). NuNails is a paint-on formula that works on polished nails.

Skincare for Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is actually the deposition of adipose (fat) tissue just below the skin. What makes cellulite more noticeable is the dimpling, and that is often the result of skin that lacks proper hydration and/or nutrition. Improving circulation and skin nourishment to cellulite-prone areas can help reduce the appearance of cellulite dimpling…and that’s exactly what our Cellulite Sculpt Gel does.

To expand your skincare regime beyond your face, try our neck, nail or cellulite reduction products. Contact us to request a sample or place your order.

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