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Men’s Soft Shave Mini Kit

Skin Care Products for Men on the Go


Shaving SplashEnvironmental elements can take their toll on a man’s skin, not to mention the everyday stresses and irritation introduced by shaving. Because most men don’t have the time for complicated skin care routines, Hale Cosmeceuticals has designed some of the simplest systems for skin care for men.

Our Men’s Soft Shave Mini Kit brings you three effective products in an easy-to-carry, portable kit:

Dermist Cleanser

Because shaving tends to be irritating, the Soft Shave Mini Kit starts with a cleaning solution specially designed to remove dirt without causing redness, dryness or blemishes. The soothing, mild formula keeps your skin’s natural, nourishing oils intact.

Soft Finishing Moisturizer

This product is the perfect solution for eliminating the feeling of dry and damaged skin caused by shaving. Hale Cosmeceuticals’ formula rehydrates the skin while fighting some of the first signs of aging. Because we take a scientific approach to product development, ellagic acid is the active ingredient in this moisturizing cream. This antioxidant fights free radical damage that leads to premature aging in your skin.

O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex

If our Soft Finishing Moisturizer is the soldier in your skin care routine, the O.R.A.C. Lifting Complex is the arsenal. Instead of one antioxidant agent, our O.R.A.C. line uses 3,666 units of antioxidant power to firm, protect and fight aging in your skin. In addition, AHAs and BHAs soften your skin while fighting blemishes and shrinking pores. With such a high Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity, this is one of our strongest and most effective products, increasing collagen, improving elasticity and brightening your skin tone.

If you want no-fuss skin care products that really work, our Soft Shave Mini Kit is the perfect choice. The small containers fit in a briefcase or gym bag and take just a few minutes to apply. Because we research every one of our products and kits so extensively, you can be sure that each of the three components work in harmony to create the best skin care for men.

Hale Cosmeceuticals is a company that makes sense. We don’t believe that anyone should waste money on products that don’t deliver what is promised. We sell our Men’s Soft Shave Mini Kit wholesale to the public, effectively stretching your budget. We also require no minimum purchase and ship all orders over $100 for free. Contact us today to find out more about the convenience of the Soft Shave Mini Kit. Our knowledgeable customer service team is standing by to answer your questions and tell you more about our 20 years of experience in the skin care industry.

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