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The Solution for Dry, Cracked and/or Brittle Nails

Late fall, heading into winter is a brutal time of year for your hands and, especially, your fingernails. While lotions, creams and waxes can help keep your hands from itching, cracking or flaking, these products have almost no effect on your nails. But Hale Cosmeceuticals has the solution—Nu Nails!

How Nu-Nails Works

Fingernails are not like your skin; they have no pores through which to absorb topically applied nutrients. To nourish your nail, you have to start at the top—the nail matrix (also called the nail bed and/or cuticle).

Brittle Nail TreatmentNu-Nails is a carefully formulated nail care product that boosts concentrations of what your nails need to grow out strong and healthy:

  • Essential amino acids (the same ones naturally found in nail keratin)
  • Vitamin A (retinol)

These essential ingredients are combined with an emollient to strengthen and moisturize the nail bed for optimal absorption.

Nu-Nails also contains polymers that provide a protective layer for the length of your nail, helping to prevent chipping and flaking.

How to Use Nu-Nails

Nu-Nails can be used much like nail polish—applied the entire length of your nail. You may also use Nu-Nails on polished nails and/or nails with acrylic extensions. For best results, apply a dab of Nu-Nails to the cuticle area and massage in several times a day.

Add Nu-Nails to Your Hand Care Lineup

You never have to be embarrassed about the state of your nails again. Contact us to order Nu-Nails today!

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