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Sun Damage: Prevention and Treatment

Ninety-three million miles away, rolling about in an otherwise dark corner of space, lives the archenemy of your skin. Its name: is the Sun.

The sun does a lot of good, too, of course—providing light and warmth, making all life on Earth possible, and that sort of thing—but it can really be hard on your skin if you don’t adequately protect yourself.

Skin cancer is a real threat, but it’s not one that can’t be avoided.

Signs of premature aging—age spots, wrinkles, et cetera—can be avoided as well, or at least minimized.

Whatever your concerns about sun damage, Hale Cosmeceuticals makes the skincare products that can help keep you safe and help keep your skin looking its best.


Our Complexion Protection Sunscreen is 100% natural and uses titanium dioxide to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. It contains no harmful additives that can be absorbed into your bloodstream or block your pores in harmful ways. It protects at SPF 35+ and is sure to be an invaluable part of your skincare toolkit.


Hale Cosmeceuticals makes everything you need to keep your skin healthy—clear, clean, moisturized, and unblemished. Healthy skin is about more than just about sun protection—it’s about cultivating a general awareness and concern for your body’s largest organ.

The best thing you can generally do for your skin is just not to forget it. Keep it in mind.


When it comes to specific treatments for sun damage, though, we also have our professionally available acid peels—a range of treatments that can brighten skin, fade blemishes, and leave the glow of youth emanating from your face.

Remember, the Sun is hot, its rays are no joke, and you’ve only got one skin.

And remember, whatever you need, Hale Cosmeceuticals can help.

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