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Fall DIY Skincare Products

Hale Cosmeceuticals invests in our own R & D to ensure that we stay on the cutting-edge of skincare technology. We usually discourage DIY skincare products because they are likely to be ineffective or use ingredients that could actually damage skin or limit progress toward your skincare goals if used too often. However, there are some DIY skincare products that may benefit your skin (and your pocketbook) this fall. Here are our favorites: Continue reading Fall DIY Skincare Products

Does Looking Better Make You Feel Better?

September Skin CareMany say that true beauty comes from within, and it’s certainly fact that how we feel on the inside has a great effect on how we think, feel and act externally. Self-confidence is more than just thinking you’re attractive; it spans deeper into our emotions, dreams, achievements and more. But our appearance does play a large role in our Continue reading Does Looking Better Make You Feel Better?