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Fall DIY Skincare Products

Hale Cosmeceuticals invests in our own R & D to ensure that we stay on the cutting-edge of skincare technology. We usually discourage DIY skincare products because they are likely to be ineffective or use ingredients that could actually damage skin or limit progress toward your skincare goals if used too often. However, there are some DIY skincare products that may benefit your skin (and your pocketbook) this fall. Here are our favorites: Continue reading Fall DIY Skincare Products

DIY Lip Scrubs—What You Need to Know to Do Them Right

Chapped lips are not just the bane of winter. Increased sun exposure and activity—both of which increase in the spring—can lead to dry lips, too. Because of how delicate the skin on your lips is, exfoliating with the same stuff you use on your face is not always recommended. But you don’t really need to buy a separate lip scrub. You can make your own and give your lips the TLC they need if you take the right precautions with lip scrubs. Continue reading DIY Lip Scrubs—What You Need to Know to Do Them Right