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DIY Lip Scrubs—What You Need to Know to Do Them Right

Chapped lips are not just the bane of winter. Increased sun exposure and activity—both of which increase in the spring—can lead to dry lips, too. Because of how delicate the skin on your lips is, exfoliating with the same stuff you use on your face is not always recommended. But you don’t really need to buy a separate lip scrub. You can make your own and give your lips the TLC they need if you take the right precautions with lip scrubs. Continue reading DIY Lip Scrubs—What You Need to Know to Do Them Right

Winter Lip Protection

As Old Man winter sets in, so comes the harsh weather. The dry, frigid climate can have a major impact on the sensitive skin of your lips. Many people feel like they simply have to put up with chapped lips throughout the winter months. However, there are some easy ways to combat this problem.

What Causes Chapped Lips During Winter?

Unlike the rest of your skin, there are few moisturizing oil glands on your lips. In fact, your lips are covered by some of the thinnest skin on your body. With less protection, this area is Continue reading Winter Lip Protection