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TCA Peels

Over time, repeated sun exposure will damage your skin and cause wrinkles to develop prematurely. Hale Cosmeceuticals is here to restore your youthful glow using our new Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peel. This potent formula rejuvenates your appearance by removing the outer layers of skin damaged by UV rays, free radicals, and other contaminants.

What Is Trichloroacetic Acid?

Trichloroacetic acid is a modified form of acetic acid, the same ingredient that’s found in vinegar. While its exfoliating ability is strong, it’s also self-neutralizing, which means it deactivates after removing dead skin cells. As a kerato-coagulant, it also hardens proteins in the skin and contributes to firmer appearance. 

TCA is used to treat a variety of skin maladies. Pigmentation issues, including brown spots caused by the sun, can be reduced by TCA peels. Problem skin texture can be improved, leaving you with a smooth, supple appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, and some forms of acne can also be treated with TCA.

What Other Ingredients Are Used in TCA Peels?

Our products are so innovative because we use a specialized blend of ingredients. Each ingredient is selected to work in conjunction with the others for the best possible skincare results. As for our TCA peels, other ingredients include:

  • Glycerin – As an intense moisturizing agent, glycerin is ideal for rough, dry patches of skin. When included in peels, it contributes to a glowing, gorgeous appearance.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract – Also known as witch hazel, Hamamelis Virginiana leaf extract is a conditioning agent perfect for treating dry, damaged skin. It prevents flaking and creates a smooth, attractive skin texture.

Our Products Are Developed for the Best Results

When you purchase skincare products from Hale Cosmeceuticals, you can rest assured in the quality of our ingredients. All products are created using meticulous research and development to ensure you’ll receive the expected results. Our products are also environmentally conscious and cruelty free, so you can feel good about yourself when using them.

Please contact us today for more information on our new TCA Peel. You can also ask about receiving a free sample to see the amazing results for yourself.

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