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Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Wholesale Skincare Products—They’re What You Need for Your Spa or Salon

Spa and salon managers spend a lot of time researching products so that what they display, use and sell meets their standards for skincare performance and value. Unfortunately, you may find that options are limited when you want an all-natural, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free brand that’s affordable and effective. Why not create your own?

Hale Cosmeceuticals offers wholesale pricing and private labeling so that you can offer your own brand of products carefully formulated for optimal skin health.

Why You Can Trust Hale Cosmeceuticals

If you want to offer your own skincare product line, you must be highly selective about the formulations and production practices. Hale Cosmeceuticals delivers the most potent formulas because we:

Research and develop our own product formulations
Hale Cosmeceuticals invests in our own research and development. Because we do not wait or rely on others’ science, we stay on the cutting edge of skincare technologies. ingredients like marula oil and emblica extract before they became household names in the skincare industry.

Adhere to strict quality standards during processing
High quality ingredients do not stay high quality when degraded by heat and light. That is why Hale Cosmeceuticals uses cold processing methods and packages our products in dark and/or opaque jars.

We also take pride in being an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free skincare company.

How You Can Benefit from Wholesale and Private Labeling

Wholesale and private label products from Hale Cosmeceuticals allow you to:

  • Create your own brand
    Rather than market another company’s products, you can boast your own.
  • Establish your authority
    Having your own brand communicates that you really have the skincare expertise clients want and trust for superior anti-aging and skin health results.
  • Generate a new revenue stream for your spa or salon
    A private label allows you to offer the products your clients want and at a lower cost than other brands.

To learn more about wholesale pricing and private labeling, please contact us. We are excited about the opportunity to expand your spa or salon’s offerings and profit potential!

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