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3 Reasons Natural Beauty Products Are Better Choices for Your Skin Care

Some substances should just not be applied to your skin. Yet, they’re ingredients in many of the skincare formulas you find at local drugstores. If you’re using skincare products full of processed and unnatural ingredients, like petroleum, sulfates and parabens, your products are likely only delivering short-lived results (if that) but causing actual harm in the long run.

To prevent damage to your face, body chemistry and the environment and get long-lasting, sustainable results, you should opt for Hale Cosmeceuticals’ natural beauty products for your skin care regimen.

What We Mean by Natural Beauty Products

Before we dive into the benefits natural beauty products provide, let’s define what exactly we mean by “natural beauty products.” The term “natural” has no clinical or official definition. After all, beauty products are not regulated by the FDA.

But, to qualify as natural beauty products worth having, they need to be:

  • Free of animal products and byproducts
  • Free of known carcinogens and harmful synthetics, including:
    • PABA
    • Parabens
    • Sulfates

Natural beauty products should be formulated with ingredients that are plant-derived to the greatest extent possible and never tested on animals.

Beauty products that meet these criteria deliver a number of benefits for you and our world.

Reason #1: Natural Beauty Products Are Better for Your Skin Health

Carefully formulated natural beauty products can deliver potent doses of the most advanced skincare technologies, such as:

  • Antioxidants
  • AHAs and BHAs

Without polymer and polymer-like emulsifiers and stabilizers, these ingredients can penetrate more deeply and work more effectively…and without the side effects of the chemical “gunk” that can build up or worse—deteriorate the components of the dermal matrix that give skin its natural elasticity, texture and tone.

Reason #2: Natural Beauty Products Are Better for Your Overall Health

Natural beauty products are free of chemical compounds that are known to exacerbate free radical damage and disrupt your endocrine system. By using natural beauty products, you may actually lower your risk for common skin issues, like sensitivity and dermatitis, a well as more serious health complications.

Reason #3: Natural Beauty Products Are Better for the Environment

The ingredients in natural beauty products are largely compounds found in nature, many of them biodegradable. When rinsed down the drain, they pose no threat to local water sheds or wildlife who live in or near them. Additionally, the processing involved to isolate and/or purify natural active ingredients typically does not require a lot of chemical manipulation, making the production of them more environmentally friendly.Hale Cosmeceuticals has made a science of formulating, processing and humanely testing a wide range of natural beauty products ideally suited for every skin type. You can learn more about our R & D, animal-free testing and naturally derived skincare technologies, but to help you find the products that best fit your skincare needs, take our personal skin assessment and contact us to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

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