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The Effects of Stress on Skin

StressFor many people, stress is a fact of life. With so many responsibilities to juggle and responsibilities to handle—and very little time to get it all done—it’s little wonder that stress levels are at all-time highs. In addition to making you feel anxious and unsettled, stress can cause physiological symptoms. It can especially wreak havoc on the appearance of your skin. Fortunately, Hale Cosmeceuticals’ line of anti-aging skin care products helps to combat the signs of stress in noticeable and highly effective ways.

Products that Combat the Signs of Stress

Many products in the Hale Cosmeceuticals lineup work to compact the effects of stress, including:

  • Our highly regarded skin toner, Patent 5 Peptide Booster, reduces fine lines and wrinkles through active ingredients like argireline.
  • Profile K Milk Lotion can be smoothed on to shrink capillaries and small veins that cause dark circles, rosacea and other stress-related symptoms.
  • HP Pentapeptide Corrective Eye Gel freshens up the eye area to combat the signs of stress.
  • HP Pentapeptide Facelift improves skin’s natural elasticity and softness.
  • C-Fine Super Serum generally refreshes the appearance of the skin.
  • Almost-Cooling Eye Gel protects the skin and fortifies lipids.

Find out why these products work so well against the effects of stress below.

What does Stress do to the Skin?

In general, you look as good as you feel. When your stress levels go through the roof, the appearance of your skin suffers. Stress causes skin to become hypersensitive, which means that it reacts more quickly to problems and is more likely to exhibit imperfections, blemishes, blotches and other unsightly issues. Stress also exacerbates existing problems. If you have psoriasis, for example, stress can make it flare up.

It’s not generally possible to completely eliminate stress from your life. By turning to Hale Cosmeceuticals’ fine lineup of anti-aging skin care products, however, you can ward off the worst of the problems. You certainly don’t have to sit back and accept unsightly skin. You have options, and Hale Cosmeceuticals is happy to bring them to you in an affordable and highly effective way.

Experience the Difference with Hale Cosmeceuticals

Our products have been designed with the effects of stress in mind. They include ingredients that directly counteract the worst effects of stress. Through our talented research and development team, we are able to develop products that produce real, reliable, consistent results. Our products are never tested on animals, and they are free of parabens, too. For yourself or for your clients, you will not find better skin care products for combating the visible signs of stress. Contact us now to learn more.

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