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Cosmeceutical Research and Development

Offering the Best Value for Your Skin Care Dollar


Research and DevelopmentWith so many companies cutting corners to improve their bottom line, it can be hard to understand a business that thrives by offering only the best to their customers. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, however, that is exactly what we do. Instead of giving you less, we produce some of the most effective cosmeceuticals products on the market.

How We Make it Work

There is a plethora of information published in the skin care industry. In fact, for those who are paying attention, new advancements, developments and ingredients are entering the marketplace all the time.

Most companies rely heavily on the cosmeceuticals research performed by others, but not Hale Cosmeceuticals.

While some public studies may be trustworthy, we don’t like to take anything at face value that we endorse with our name. Unlike many competitors, we do all our own research and development. That means that we not only understand our cosmeceuticals products and how they work, but also are able to offer the most innovative ingredients for less than many other skin care companies.

Some of our most popular lines include:

O.R.A.C.—This product line uses the scientific advances offered by the discovery of antioxidant compounds. Our formulation is several times stronger than competing products because our testing showed that adding more Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity to this line made it more effective.

Dermist—These cleansers pair deep cleaning ability with gentle, nourishing compounds. We know they work; we did the cosmetic research ourselves.

HP Pentapeptide—Our studies showed that the peptide argireline is a super-compound with serious anti-aging abilities. Our scientists like to call this line “Botox without the needle” and added complementary ingredients to make this one of our best age-fighting lines.

Manufacturing Miracles

As businesses tighten their belts, it is common to outsource manufacturing. At Hale Cosmeceuticals, we are proud to take care of all our production. We have our own manufacturing plant in the United States that allows us to maintain a tighter control on product quality. When we say that our vitamin C creams are not degraded by heat exposure, we know it’s true because we keep an eye on the thermostat ourselves. Keeping manufacturing in-house also allows us to maintain control over pricing, enabling our customers to get great products at a reasonable rate.

Every product and policy we make is designed to offer you our very best cosmeceuticals products. That’s the reason we never require a minimum order amount, even though we sell everything we produce at wholesale prices. If you place an order for more than $100 in products, we’ll even ship it free, usually the same day. Contact us today to learn more about how our business approach benefits your bottom line.

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