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Vitamin Skin Care ProductsFor decades moms have encouraged their children to eat all of their vegetables so they can grow up big and strong. Whether you ate all of your vegetables or not, mom was right about vitamins. There are many important vitamins used for health and skin care, including vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C. When it comes to quality skin care, Hale Cosmeceuticals uses these vitamins and other highly-effective skin care ingredients in products to help improve the overall look, feel, and quality of your skin.

While there are many different vitamins found in a variety of foods, plants, and other sources, some have been established as having positive impacts on health. Some of the important vitamins we use in our excellent skin care products include:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, or retinol, is most often associated with eye health, particularly care of the retina. It’s found in various sources, including carrots and spinach. In the realm of skin care, vitamin A is effectively used to treat acne.

Vitamin B Complex

There are many types of B vitamins and each is used to treat different health aspects, including helping increase the rate of metabolism and enhancing immune and nervous system function. B complex vitamins are also helpful at maintaining healthy hair, skin, and muscle tone.

Vitamin C

Most often associated with strengthening the immune system when battling a cold, vitamin C is a powerful vitamin and proven anti-oxidant. It’s also effective at treating skin and helping repair skin damaged by the sun.

Vitamin E

Used to treat a variety of illnesses, vitamin E is also a powerful anti-oxidant. When used in skin care products it helps cleanse, heal, and protect skin from a variety of ailments and conditions.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is successful at treating a variety of health and skin conditions including spider veins, Rosacea, and dark circles. Instrumental for good circulatory health, vitamin K has also been recognized as an effective ingredient in skin care products.

These are just some of the most important vitamins necessary for health and skin care and our products feature many of them.

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