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Vitamin K

Vitamin K Skin CareVitamin K is the latest in the alphabet soup of vitamins to be celebrated as a major advance in skin care. And for good reason!

Vitamin K for Circulatory Health

Originally discovered in 1929 as a blood-clotting agent, vitamin K has proven to be intimately connected with circulatory health. While the exact mechanisms by which it works are actually not yet fully explained, vitamin K serves to strengthen the connective tissues in vein and capillary walls. And, like so many important skin care ingredients, it is also an antioxidant, protecting skin from pollution and sunlight damage.


By strengthening vein and capillary walls, vitamin K helps reduce and prevent minor leakage that can lead to the flushed appearance common with Rosacea. It also helps clear away blood trapped within skin tissues, further reducing redness and evening skin tone.

Spider Veins

A very common condition, especially as we age, spider veins are the result of weak vein walls. By strengthening these, vitamin K reduces the appearance of spider veins in areas that are prone to them, like on the cheeks and especially around the nose.

Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes plague millions of people. But with its ability to flush out leaked blood and carry pigment out of the skin, vitamin K has been shown to be an effective treatment for dark circles, and even for bruises. And by, once again, strengthening the walls of veins and capillaries, it can not only improve the appearance of dark circles, but reduce their occurrence and intensity.

Profile K Milk Lotion from Hale Cosmeceuticals is our advanced vitamin K skin lotion.

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