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Combat Puffy Eyes with Almost-Cooling Eye Gel

almosteye2Age and environmental factors both take their toll on the skin around our eyes. From fine lines and wrinkles to dark circles under the eyes, the orbital area is quick to show signs of aging, stress, and tiredness.

The Problem? Collagen and Lipid Loss

As collagen shrinks from age and the presence of free radicals due to sun exposure and chemical pollutants, the skin loses firmness. This can result in fine lines or an overall puffy appearance. Collagen is also important in healthy circulation, and its absence means that dark circles under the eyes can build up from minor blood leakage out of weak veins and capillaries.

Lipids, too, tend to gradually diminish around the eyes as the result of hormonal changes and even from the everyday exertion of blinking.

The Solution? Replace Them

Fortunately, the skin lipids around the eyes are closely matched with phospholipids, phosphatidylcholines, and squalance. We fortify our Almost-Cooling Eye Gel with these lipids, as well as osides, parotids, amino acids, and minerals such as zinc, iron, and magnesium.

The Results? Outstanding

With Almost-Cooling Eye Gel, lipids are fortified while skin is moisturized, replenished, and fortified. It’s like a protective shield of recovery. Users will see puffy eyes get back to normal, while dark circles will be reduced as circulation is improved. The antioxidant properties of Almost-Cooling Eye Gel will actually help repair skin and protect it from oxidative stress due to sun and chemical exposure.

Say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles. Say hello to Almost-Cooling Eye Gel from Hale Cosmeceuticals.

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