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    4 Hot Summer Beauty Trends

    Summer is here with its hot, humid, blazingly bright days that end in long, soft evenings. This season is not the time to suit up in tight-fitting clothes and a lot of makeup. This summer's beauty trends are all about capturing the easy-breezy, soft, relaxed feel of summer with a hint of glimmer to match the summer night sky.

    Summer Beauty Trend #1: Lose, Flowing Clothing

    Forget tight jeans and fitted tops. Cold-shoulder tops, soft fabrics, maxi dresses, flowing skirts, gauzy swimsuit coverups i.e., anything that keeps you cool and comfortable is trendy right now. Add a big floppy hat for sun protection and a light jacket for cool nights, and you have a complete ensemble for sunup to sundown.

    Summer Beauty Trend#2: Soft Colors

    Spring had its bright corals and oranges. Summer tones those colors down, so think soft peaches, gentle pinks and tans. This is as true for makeup as it is for clothing.Prints can help add a pop of fun. Anything flowery is perfect for the soft, flowing feel of summer, but polka dots and other fun geometric designs are always in style.

    Summer Beauty Trend #3: Natural Skin

    Heavily made-up looks that melt as temperatures rise are simply not attractive. So, natural skin is in this summer! Depending on your skin tone, health and comfort level, that may mean minimal makeup (maybe just a tinted BB cream) to even out your skin tone or no makeup at all.

    Summer Beauty Trend #4: Shimmer and Glitter

    Like light on the water, use lotions, bronzers and blushes with a soft shimmer to add a subtle glimmer to your skin and makeup without looking like you spilled glitter all over yourself. Liquid eyeshadow or eye glaze can also add a glow without garish sparkle.For nights out, you can amp up the shimmer by lightly applying a high-quality glitter on your eyelids and the corner of your eyes.

    Healthy Skin Is Always in Season

    Seasons change, and beauty trends wax and wane, but healthy, glowing skin is always in style. Hale Cosmeceuticals helps you achieve the results you want to put your best face forward. Our full line of paraben-free and animal-friendly skincare products incorporate the latest technologies and are formulated with active botanicals. Take our personal skin assessment to find the products formulated for your skin type, and contact us to request a sample or order your full-size product.

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