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    5 Reasons to Start Regularly Scheduled Facials

     You take excellent care of your skin at home. You seek out the best products possible for your unique needs, and you have a dedicated regimen that you follow everyday. But you can take skincare to the next level with regularly scheduled facials.

    If you've never considered a professional facial, here are five good reasons to book an appointment with your local aesthetician:

    Better Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Results

    The best anti-aging strategy is prevention preventing over-dryness, sun damage and the host of other skin issues that accelerate and exacerbate fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and puffiness.

    Facial scan be tailored to your skin's needs to provide better prevent signs of aging through:

    • Deep hydration
    • Exfoliation
    • Pigmentation correction

    When it's too late for prevention, facials can also help with rejuvenation and damage repair. The professional skin preparation allows products to penetrate more deeply than topical applications at home for deeper moisture replenishment and targeted treatments.

    Clearer Skin

    Regularly scheduled facials help keep your skin clear of most blemishes. In addition to gentle heat application that helps open pores and the deep cleansing, aestheticians have special tools that can remove oil, dirt and bacteria build-up deep within your pores without damaging your skin.

    Brighter Skin

    To get more radiant skin, you often need to remove the dull skin that keeps young, plump skin cells buried. At the same time, you do not want to roughly scrub away your skin's natural protection. Facials achieve the perfect balance with deep exfoliating treatments that may combine mechanical and chemical methods to safely slough away dead skin. Depending on your skin type and skincare needs, exfoliating products may also be formulated with ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid that promote skin cell turnover for a fade-resistant glowing complexion.

    Better Product Absorption and Makeup Application

    By removing the layer of dead skin cells, you bring young, healthy skin cells to the surface where they can absorb the nutrients in your skincare products. When healthy skin cells can achieve maximum absorption, you get better, more noticeable results from your anti-aging or corrective treatments.

    Plus, skin pampered with regular facials provides a smooth canvas for make up application. With fewer blemishes and more even skin tone, you can use your makeup to highlight your features and play with color rather than cover up imperfections. You may even feel confident enough to go without makeup at all.


    Just because self-care is a buzzword right now doesn't mean you should dismiss it. Self-care is important for optimal health, well-being and productivity. Regular facials provide a chance to practice self-care.

    A regularly-scheduled facial gives you a set time to breathe and treat yourself to something special. And feeling good about yourself and your skin can also help boost your mood and your self-confidence.

    No matter what your skincare goals may be, routine facials will help you achieve and maintain results faster. Make an appointment to treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care and your skin to some extra-special TLC.


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