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    What Does Animal-Friendly Really Mean?

    Animal-friendly means a cosmetic company does not use animals to test its ingredients and products on to see if they might cause harm to the skin, eyes, and internal organs of the animals used for testing. Federal regulatory agencies started to demand that cosmetic ingredients and products be tested on animals to make sure they wouldn't hurt consumers after World War II ended. Since that time a lot of ingredients have been tested and have become part of a list of referred to as (GRAS) Generally Recognized as Safe.

    Animal-Friendly cosmetic companies who want to be known as animal-friendly restrict the ingredients it uses in its products to those on the GRAS list to avoid further animal testing.

    How to Tell Which Products are Animal-Friendly

    The cosmetic industry uses the term cruelty-free on its labels to let consumers know that no animal testing was done during the research and development process while creating a new cosmetic product. The Human Society of the United States has developed a logo called a Leaping Bunny that these companies can use on its product labels to alert consumers that the product is animal-friendly. If you see this logo on a cosmetic product you are assured that the product was not tested on live animals.'"

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