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    Science of Skincare: Bakuchiol

    Those of us who actively follow skincare trends and products causing a stir are aware of the wonders of Bakuchiol. This skincare ingredient comes from a plant source and has shown impressive ability to slow down the signs of ageing.

    However, while we do know of its promising benefits, what seems utterly intriguing is how similar they are to that of retinol. This is perhaps why many skincare enthusiasts are gladly replacing their retinol stocks for bakuchiol because the latter is non-irritant.

    Could you ask for anything better than enjoying the incredible skin advantages of retinol without suffering the irritation? Perhaps what is surprising is that bakuchiol does by no means have a similar molecule structure like retinol.

    Yet, amazingly this substance slows down ageing for us and revives duller looking skin, much like retinol. We can trust bakuchiol to bring about pleasing results within twelve weeks of application. So have you too been looker for firmer, youthful-looking and smoother skin? Then bakuchiol might just be a good option for you.

    What is Bakuchiol?

    Vegan devotees will probably squeal with delight at this: Bakuchiol is a certified vegan product. Yes, you read that right. The primary sources of bakuchiol are the seeds and leaves of the Psoralea corylifolia plant. Bakuchiol is thought of as a Vitamin A/Retinol alternative because it has been scientifically shown to act on the same retinoic acid receptors on the skin. This means that Bakuchiol has been shown the have the SAME effects as retinol, without many of the sensitivity issues some people have with retinols.

    This very source also makes bakuchiol a potent antioxidant that combats the damages from environmental element on our skin. Moreover, it reduces signs of skin discoloration while having a considerably soothing effect on the user’s skin.

    There’s still more. Bakuchiol also promises to dull the wrinkles and fine lines we tend to accumulate with ageing. Isn’t that wonderful? Surely it is and even Chinese medicine realizes this fact. You will find a range of Chinese medicines incorporating bakuchiol as a topical application. One cannot doubt the unique and amazing effects this ingredient promises us.

    Primary Benefits of Bakuchiol

    Like we just mentioned, bakuchiol has tons of anti-ageing skin benefits. It can even out any imbalances in the skin tone while refining and smoothening texture. Moreover, it can restore your skin’s firmness and plump it while making wrinkles and fine lines disappear with time.

    We also mentioned that bakuchiol has similar skin benefits to retinol but what’s best is that it does not irritate the skin. This is why people with sensitive skin especially will find this an incredible substitute. But in case you don’t have sensitive skin, you may even pair bakuchiol with retinol to maximize the skin benefits and make them last longer.

    Besides, many believe that combining bakuchiol and retinol is a fantastic approach in skincare. The reason is that the former contains calming properties, so it empowers the skin to withstand higher retinol amounts. Consequentially, it does not let the skin itch or feel irritated like it probably would when using retinol with bakuchiol.

    Bakuchiol- How it Acts Upon Your Skin

    The soothing properties in bakuchiol minimize the occurrence of reactivity and sensitivity. Many people commonly suffer these issues when applying skincare products but bakuchiol resolves that. It is also a powerful combatant against the free radicals that give you wrinkles and fine lines, as a potent antioxidant.

    We all know what a pivotal role antioxidants play in protecting our skin against harmful environmental factors and pollution. Those who actively search for clean, vegan products to address sensitive skin conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema will surely find bakuchiol a worthy option.

    We know that it contains the same receptors for its primary functions as retinol without including the sometime-harsh and irritating effects. This very fact in addition to bakuchiol being a completely natural alternative makes it a possible replacement for retinol.

    However, you must note that despite the several similarities, you must not expect the skin benefits of bakuchiol to be the same as retinol.


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