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    Beauty Trends To Look Forward to in 2020

    As with every other sector, the beauty industry sees its fair share of trends come and go. Some trends are fleeting and last no more than a year or so, while others are just the beginning of a larger movement. In 2020, consumers can expect to see a little bit of both.

    Gemstone Eyes

    Following the spring 2020 runways, one thing became apparent: The 90s are making a comeback. Eyeliner and rhinestones were all over the runways this past fall, with models rocking both on their lids and around their eyes. Though you should feel free (and confident) to be as expressive as you want, you can always tone down the runway look by using stick-on rhinestones to line your cat-eye, playing with glitter eyeshadow around the edges or placing discreet gems in the inner corners of your eyes.

    Crystal Nails

    2020 is all about sparkle. Trendsetters say it's not enough to bedazzle the eyes to really shine, bring the party to your nails. According to the search results, inquiries for Swarovski crystal nails increased by 128% on Pinterest in recent months. This look is easy to achieve and inexpensive. If you feel like splurging, as your nail salon to line your cuticles or nail tips with crystals. If you're strapped for cash, pick up some glitter polish from your local drug store and apply it yourself.

    Pastel Eyeshadow

    Like many beauty trends, rhinestones and crystals are nothing new. Pastel eyeshadow, however, is. Leading designers sent their models out to the catwalk with lids colored in dreamy shades of peach, powder blue, lemon, lilac and mint. Look for pastel palates to hit drug store shelves near you in the near future. If you don't want to wait, you can always blend your favorite shade with silvery white to achieve the same effect.

    Beauty Becomes Ageless

    This trend has been a long time coming but finally, and thanks to industry leaders such as L'Oreal Paris, brands will begin to cater to all ages in 2020, and not just the young and flawless. What will ageless beauty products look like? According to responses, brands will begin to service specific concerns, or, more specifically, hormonally-driven changes. This move won't just help the women targeted women between the ages of 40 and 60 represent a large and lucrative demographic for the beauty industry, a demographic that has, until now, been highly underserved.

    Hyper-Personalization Awaits

    The dawn of the new decade brings with it high-tech beauty products that can analyze consumers' biomes and genetic makeup and offer a more targeted approach to skincare. For instance, Procter & Gamble's new Opte Precision Wand can identify skin imperfections and apply makeup only to areas that need it. This can help to both prevent the waste of product and allow flawless areas of the skin to breathe. HiMirror is another product to look for in the new decade. After analyzing a photo of your face, the mirror will store data and then track your skin's progress with each new photo.

    The point of this is to eventually reveal whether or not your skincare products are actually working, or if they're doing your complexion more harm than good. The mirror also acts like an in-home skincare consultant in that it can assess your face for dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, pore size and other blemishes.2020 promises big things for the beauty industry. Don't get left behind, and shop our collection of innovative beauty products today.

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