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    4 Skin Benefits of Matcha

    Green tea is largely considered a superfood because of all its health benefits. But not all green tea is created equal. While drinking traditionally steeped green tea can improve your health, concentrated Matcha packs even more potent doses of green tea's health-boosting compounds. Matcha is essentially pulverized and concentrated green tea leaves. And when it comes to skin health, here's what matcha delivers:

    Powerful age-fighting antioxidants

    Among natural food sources, matcha has one of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) values. When you ingest matcha or use it topically, it gives your body the ability to neutralize more free radicals that, when left unchecked, degrade the cellular integrity of your skin, causing sagging and wrinkling

    Detoxification and alkalizing for better skin health

    Matcha, which you may guess from its bright green color, has a very high chlorophyll concentration. Chlorophyll is a detoxifier and helps to regulate pH levels. In your body, chlorophyll can boost blood oxygen levels to deliver more oxygen to your cells and help your body achieve an alkaline state, which facilitates healing and natural immunity.

    Natural oil control

    All teas, including matcha, have tannins, compounds that give tea its color and slightly bitter flavor. When applied topically on the skin, tannins help absorb excess oil, which reduces the greasy feel and sheen on skin as well as control acne breakouts.

    Gentle skin care

    Matcha is a natural anti-inflammatory, so when ingested or used topically, it does not irritate skin, even sensitive skin. Every skin type can benefit from the anti-aging and detoxifying properties of matcha.

    You can reap the skin health benefits of matcha by incorporating it into your diet. There are a number of delicious beverages that include it as a main or complementary ingredient. However, you may get faster, more noticeable skin improvements by applying matcha topically. While there are a number of matcha-based products available, you can infuse the skincare products you already have and your skincare routine with matcha by:

    Adding matcha to your facial cleanser. Steep a matcha green tea bag in warm-hot water for 10 seconds, just long enough to saturate the powder. Cut the tea bag open and add the moistened powder to your facial cleanser. Apply as usual and massage the cleanser-tea mixture for up to five minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

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